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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It is pouring - strange for S. California - Here rain gear seems silly until there is a deluge - Luckily I have my 99 Cent Store umbrella - & 2 large ones I got at a trade show a few years ago. And I am so proud of my raincoat - it's bronze vinyl - lined - & cost me $1 last summer at a thriftshop in Danish tourist spot, Solvang, CA - (I don't go into the shops, but there are two great thriftshops I always visit!) Then I wear my plastic shoes, so if they get wet, nothing will be damaged. Also have some rubber boots if it's really bad.I I am saying all this because S.Californians don't adapt well to the rain & cold.  They continue to drive too fast & get into accidents - and wear thin clothes & shiver! I am living proof that that is NOT necessary!

After postponing the taxes - even after an extension, hubby got on me while he was home on MLK Day to do them.  I tried efiling for the first time - & was amazed that it was so EASY.  Did the taxes in about an hour - altho we had to pay for it - Still the $60 was MUCH less than the $200 we paid one year because hubby brought the taxes to a tax preparer! (We didn't get any refunds that year, either...whereas when I do my taxes myself, we DO....??) Did get a refund, but it just goes to back taxes...Now I will have no trepidation about doing this year's taxes.  (Just hope I don't get audited or anything...)

There was a break in the rain on MLK Day, too - & hubby & I went out for a walk around the trendy Vermont area - & explored.  I window shopped & picked up a pan pipe at Goodwill for $4 - a bargain! We then had coffee at the French bistro - very nice.  Just getting together with your spouse & sitting down in a pleasant place & having tea & coffee & a bit of cake is such a civilized European habit we should think about adopting! My midwestern mother-in-law has that habit, and we joined her on our last visit - and then continued to mall walk - Mall walking is a great solution for bad weather walking (hot or cold - or wet)- altho I tend to buy something - however small - every time..Hubby says I am easily pleased - it may be so, but I had a lovely afternoon.  It was like a DATE. (& a cheap one, at that).

We are getting CDs of movies up for awards because I am in the Screen Actor's Guild.  And there are some screenings which let in SAG members - altho most only let the folks in the movie Academy in. That's a nice side benefit. Have to hone in on screenings in Hollywood - there are lots of free ones - If you check the L.A. Weekly entertainment paper - or the online screening sites - like -  It's especially nice when we can go at the ArcLight a short way away - the parking there is free, too.

Also called in for free tix for the L.A. Philharmonic's community concert in E. L.A. in February.  As my buddy says, "Free is our favorite color!"

Speaking of free, I realize that I award myself for my daily hours at the computer with freebies - applied today to try to win some mascara from Borghese thru - and I filled out more surveys for L'Oreal.  I haven't been able to participate in trials of products for them yet - but I get free product for every 5 surveys I fill out!  Last time I got eye cream which in the store is $20!  I did then pick up some anti-wrinkle wands at the drugstore because it was buy one, get the next one 1/2 off - & At $14, I got $7 off!.  Not bad.

I do mix my cheaper & more expensive products - with great success, I may add! When I stay at home, some wrinkle toner & frankly cheap Nivea cream is quite nice.  Have to wear something with SPF when I go out....And I always add a dab of with hazel beneath my eyecream - but you knew that! (& Vaseline on the top eyelid - gee, a pot lasts for months....)

We are feasting on homemade chicken soup - throwing in various veggies - perfect for this weather! (This is due to the stainless steel stock pot, with lid, I made hubby buy for $7 at a thrift shop a month or so ago, saying it was perfect for soup - & it is!) I love vintage American cookware - it lasts forever!

And I am knitting another project - a vest?  Out of my stash - I am going to have to get used to creative knitting to just knit from my stash of odds & ends...But I realize that that's the sort of knitting I like - SIMPLE with varied color & texture.  A machine does a much better job of straight knitting than I can ever do....And now my buddy is bringing me thriftshop yarn HE finds to add to the mix...But 9 balls at the really low price of $2 a ball would still be almost $20 & 1/2 the price of my huge stash!)

Got the electric heater on - & closed off the living room from the rest of the apartment - We have a lovely pocket door to close off the hall, bathroom & bedroom...and dressing warmly day & night! It's even nice to feel a bit chilly - all that sunshine can get too much at times.  And luckily we are NOT in either a mudslide or a flood area!  Staying home warm & dry is very cozy - & I am glad that the week is SLOW....

How are you all in the SNOW?










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