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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Pam's recounting of how her ancestrally thrifty habits have helped her in modern life in ways none of her foremothers could have imagined!

Showing 4 posts from August 2010 for this blog.
Why I am Frugal
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am reminded about the reasons for my frugality & seeking things in bargain outlets this weekend, when, since we were on a sort of a vacation, I had to resort to regular sources for things! The only underwear I could find at the drug store was 3 for $7 - and the hairpins I usually get at the dollar store were $3 - so things were 2x to 3x as much! And I found I spent $10 in a jiffy.

Now the dollar isn't what it used to be - as I try to remind hubby -so even spending $25-$30 is not a LOT, altho it feels that way to US...But there is a reason I send for lotion samples & pick up vitamin samples at healthfood stores & stock up on really good deals when I see them at the dollar stores! We are saving oodles of money! Am I going to pay a lot for a packet of facial tissue, when I can get 6 or more for $1 - 

So I think that wandering around a dollar store to see what sort of merchandise they have is definitely worth it.  There is even a blog out there called "dollar store crafts" - which is, you guessed it - crafts with dollar store items.  I have gotten nice cheap yarn at the dollar store - but with a careful search, I am beginning to see what else they have - even beads for jewelry....

And I love my collection of dollar store scarves! And have been known to get my undies and even bras there! - (some of which are Hanes....) I have a dollar store bandeau bra I got a few years ago & I just saw a similar one for LOTS more!

So go & be inspired - & you will be surprised at how fr your dollar will stretch!


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Friday, August 27, 2010

Gotta brag that I found a DONNA KARAN classic navy crepe jacket ON THE DOLLAR RACK AT GOODWILL!! in its first incarnation it must have cost hundreds of dollars & it still looks good -

Also found books, of course, & a cool pendant watch - wonder if it will work if I put a battery in it?

Had terrible sinus headaches this week - but I DID use my freebie plastic neti pot to put saline solution in my nose & it did work - altho it reminds me of getting water down my nose as a kid....

I have also found out that the dollar store AWESOME cleaner is great for stains Thinking about finding a small spray bottle that I could fill with Awesome & carry around....I love Shout Wipes - but they are expensive & hard to find for some reason??

So carry on, you guys.....

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Funky Budget Knitting
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The media is all over with images of Fall - mostly to sell back-to-school stuff - but somehow the impending change in seasons makes me go back to my knitting.

Can't say I am much of a technician - I really like just to knit straight in front of the TV - But I have produced some lovely multi-colored shawls & scarves.

The trick to it on my nonexistent craft budget is to pick up balls of yarn from thrift shops & THEN determine what I am going to make, rather than vice versa (the way I learned to knit from my mother).

I have discovered a technique, if you can call it that - of combining yarn - which comes out more like folk weaving than traditional knitting. I have discovered you can get very interesting effects by knitting with more than one yarn on large needles.  I find that I enjoy combining the colors out of my thrift shop yarn cache - and contrasting the colors and textures in blocks (or stripes) of row - and every once in a while adding some fun fur or other specialty yarn (also from what I have on hand - some of it came from the Dollar Tree last season when I stocked up.)

I had a brilliant orange yarn - almost the emergency color - and it was too much on its own - so I mixed it with beiges, and maroon, and off greens among other colors - and the end result is very nice.  I wore it to an outdoor event & got compliments on it from strangers!

I adore shawls for the weather here in S. California - where is it always cooler at night - & a shawl is an easy thing to carry with you if you are staying out until the sun goes down.

Still looking for some VERY simple squarish patterns to make kimono-like sweaters... There are lots of free ones on the net, which I have been collecting.

Almost finished with my newest project - a fuzzy pink/green/grey melange - Making it long for some reason so I can throw it over my shoulder....I can just knit for HOURS while watching the tube.  Makes on feel useful.

And rather than even spending $3/4 a ball of yarn - I usually pay $.50 to $1!!

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Winning stuff
Friday, August 20, 2010

Feel sortta bad that I have been neglecting my blog - but I haven't felt too inspired - it's summertime, maybe that's it....

But I keep up on my freebies - and I have actually WON some nice stuff - One is a full-sized L'Oreal Moisturizer - and then a weird piece of lingerie which covers the gap when you are wearing low cut jeans (from the Luxury Spot) - retail = $38!!

Started to participate in a trial of dry mouth treatment - as I have dry mouth due to my medications, among other factors - & they sent me a bottle of the product to try.

I have also been using an eyebrow serum on another trial -

If you are in an urban area like L.A. or NYC - if you are interested, check out such trials and testimonials to get nice interesting merchandise.  I get my leads in L.A. from craigslist - could work in NYC area, too...

Have not been buying much - but rather selling off vintage, giving away, having yard sales.  (Two more sales coming up in September to participate in.) But I did find a nice pair of khaki capris at the Goodwill for $3.99 & nice $.99 t-shirt and Ann Taylor ballet flats in a blue reptile finish for $3.99, too. They were all too good to pass up - And some fancy ribbon yarn(marked at $10 a ball originally!!) - I have already made a nice scarf using one color, and I am now making a sash with the black and gold and some velvety cord I picked up somewhere....Those specialty yarns are very nice used with other yarn to provide some weight and make it easier to knit.

Hubby and I have been taking advantage of all the free summer music and events.  Last weekend was Harbor Days at our marina, and they served hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, and soda and beer - We listened to our favorite local talent, Teresa Russell & her smoking guitar. (At the same time I discovered another book exchange at the Marina Office, which I hadn't known about & found 4 great paperbacks to read.)  And on Sunday there was another great local music at the Farmer's Market.

We have bought storage bags from the Dollar Tree in an effort to clean up this little apartment, which we have crammed with a LOT of stuff.

All the AC and fans have been on the last few, hot days - & I am grateful for the portable AC unit we found last year at Salvation Army - which just makes the difference in our L-shaped living room/dining room/kitchen area when it's really hot....And also put on fans to push the cooler air around. (Before we go to bed, we can turn the AC off &  turn on the window fans to cool off the apartment overnight, as it always cools off at night here.)

Still getting loads of free magazines - just signed up for SAILING magazine for hubby - and little lotion samples keep coming in the mail.  I have found that the samples are great for keeping in my purse to use on my hands - and I put the shampoo/conditioner samples in my "hair" kit for using up at the boat....The other facial care samples go into my "skin" kit.  I especially like the eye cream samples, which I am using up very carefully...Luckily just discovered another little Clinique sample among my stuff....I first put on a bit of witch hazel and THEN the eye cream, which makes even a sample packet go for almost a WEEK.

I carefully close the sample packets by folding over the top & closing with either a paperclip or a hair clip (or even a bobby pin).  That way they don't dry up before you use ALL of the sample!

So even when broke, I can keep up my "beauty routines". No excuses now ladies! The face you save today you will be the one you are left with! 

So onward & upward.  How is the summer treating YOU all?




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