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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Pam's recounting of how her ancestrally thrifty habits have helped her in modern life in ways none of her foremothers could have imagined!

Showing 4 posts from June 2012 for this blog.
Summer Projects
Friday, June 29, 2012

Thought I would share with you some of what hubby & I have been doing over the summer -

  • The aeriel snapped when hubby took the car through a new car wash with less than soft fiber parts - And when he asked the mechanic about it, he said it would cost $60 to replace!  So hubby went to a bargain store knew of where he could get one for $10 & then put it on himself with dollar store epoxy - And spliced the wires himself - Voila! All fixed for $50 less!
  • Hubby has also been on the hunt for good USED tires - there are a LOT in our neighborhood off wrecks, etc. - & now we have 2 good ones ( $50) to add to the others we got ($60). Now - those would be $400 new & good enough for our 16-year-old Mercury!
  • I found a 50's/60's jewelry box - the leatherette kind with a lock - for 50 CENTS at a junky thrift shop. The inside is a lovely red satin & red velvet - but the top was battered & down to the cardboard. So I went looking for the perfect thing to decoupage on top. I found a 50's black & white vintage fashion image from BAZAAR & applied it with my homemade MOD PODGE (just white glue thinned with water!) It has dried & now looks fantastic - as if the image had always been there! So a new jewelry box for $.50!!

By the way, the Carmex people are giving me more of their product for a giveaway - I will keep you posted & please send in your names & addresses so I can forward that to Carmex.

Anybody out there? I miss your comments! Please tell me what you think - even if you think I stink?


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finally have made it over some tripwire of the digital revolution - hubby figured out how we could be online Netflix for $6/mo - using a used $89 Nintendo game player! He figured it out talking to a young salesman at an electronics store - & then went & found a used player at a game store! Now - for less than $10 a MONTH we have the flicks it was costing us $5 EACH on cable!

We had recently been lamenting the poor programming on cable & then even finding it hard to find anything to watch on our movie channels or even Pay for View! (Alas, TCM has been showing 50's beach blanket movies & WESTERNS - & WAR movies - none of which I like very much!)

I had heard about the Netflix through the mail, but not online - we have wi fi at home already - so it was al very easy to set up - just added the game controller to our electronic array.  Even I think I can put it on & off.  And NOW if we have already seen the movie (I am terrible at remembering titles) - we DON'T have to PAY for it! Just switch to another flick - as we did last night. We saw a horror flick (I have gotten addicted to those) & The Importance of Being Earnest in a 50's Biritish version in which everyone was playing it in very high style! I especially watched the old dragons of character women. Lady Bracknell is a wonderful part!

At $6/a month, I do wonder how they are going to make MONEY at showing these movies.  But we may very well become even worse couch potatoes than we are - thank heaven for the boat - on which I just read recycled mysteries! (Found a bunch FREE at the library exchange shelf in Ojai - I didn't feel bad about it, because a week or so ago, I had unloaded more than a dozen of the books Bart's wouldn't take for credit - & you know, they were all GONE.) Now the ones in good shape will try to become recyclable via Bart's.

Also finding great deals in HARDBACK books at, off all places, the DOLLARTREE.  I usually go in for vitamins & toothpaste & floss swords, etc. - but in the back they have an interesting jumble of hardcover books for ONE DOLLAR.  I will try to recycle the best of these to Bart's, too!


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Tourist Thrift
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just back from a week at the boat - unhappily because hubby strained his back & I tripped & bruised something around my right rib cage - ugh.  We are both in braces of one sort or other & taking ibuprofen.  Figured we would rest up here until we are up to climbing about the boat again!

Through my theatrical training I have pretty much learned to fall properly - on my haunch - & then I just scrape knees - I have been taking calcium supplements & weight-bearing exercise since I was in college & my bones, at last bone density scan, are like rocks. Thank heaven! I have had too many female relatives who have broken hips (& recovered!), had a dowager's hump & other spine problems.  So I keep my spine supple by doing my "cat" stretch exercises every morning! And continuing the calcium....

What does this have to do with thrift? The shopping that we do when we are away from home...Who would have thought that there would be such good thrift shops in the tourist town of Solvang? But there are 2 very nice ones right across the street from each other across from a big hotel away from the main drag - where we park & I get to peek in. Have found marvelous things in the past - like a spiffy bronze vinyl raincoat for ONE DOLLAR!

This time, I found a BRAND NEW pair of pale pink denim shorts -with the tag for $59 right on them! (for $4)- & a sun visor (41) , another pair of cropped denim pants ($4)  - a pair of stretch jeans to cut off for cropped jeans ($4), several nice crafty $2 headbands (with tags that said $17-18 each! on them) and a nice broad-brimmed straw hat & a felt hat for cooler weather....and a mattress cover ($5) for the mattress at the boat  (worth $30?)- I am only really buying nowadays what I really am wearing - leisure clothing....Like another pair of bright pink cropped pants for $4 - In another shop I bought fisherman's sandals for $4 - & a pink plaid visor. (Boy am I glad that bright colors are in fashion, or I would never have bought those pink cropped pants....but I do tend to be conservative....)

One wonders what I do with all these pieces - but a lot of them are on the BOAT now, as we came home packed very lightly due to our strains! I always have to pack for both hot & cool for up at the boat - as inland it gets warm and on the coast it's downright chilly - so one has to packing twice as much! And then it gets warm at home on the flats of Hollywood.  Confusing, no?.  Think of that & items lost in the WASH & one has to have variety to stay well-dressed even as to color coordination!

Oh, in Sta. Paula Goodwill, I also found a pair of vintage leather Kenneth Cole designer sandals for $4 - & a straw purse - $4?? - and a pair of grey slacks for later in the year...& a pair of white pants for now $4 -

OK - I was splurging - but I found a LOT of nice stuff & dressing fairly well around my hubby does cheer me UP.  He gets grumpy - but the nice thrift shop lady made a point of showing him the $59 label - which was more than 2X what I had paid for everything!  I do almost all of my shopping in thrift stores & bargain places nowadays & I think hubby forgets what things REALLY cost....

(Then there was a 2 for 1 sale at Rite Aid on vitamins & the total was $90!! Save one place - spend another....) But I do like to invest in our health....Not to mention all the ibuprophen we are taking!

I also recycled 4 bags of books - mostly pulp fiction - at Bart's Bookstore in Ojai - & received a $27 credit.  (They pay on the face value - not on the $1 or so I paid for each of them!) then I had $ to buy some music books for Mark's birthday -which was Sat. - & a box of their weird $.50 books from outside.  They have such an interesting mixture of books - I always find them stimulating....So it cost me practically nothing!

Do you know that you can even get hard backs for $1 at the Dollar Tree?  I also recommend their Indian pickles & relish - wonderful!

I got a very bitchy fashion no-no book at the Dollar Tree - some guy on TLC - with whom I don't always agree - it's the sleep moderne look - nothing loosely fitting.  But I think I will talk about that in another entry......See ya.





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Beauty via Thrift
Monday, June 04, 2012

One secret I haven't shared with you all is that quite often you can find great deals in upscale BATH PRODUCTS in thrift shops! I scored FIVE medium bottles of assorted shower gels at a SALE at a local thrift shop for (after the sale discount) @$.60 each! That's a lot of quality for $2!! You can also find deals on nice scented soaps - even sometimes shampoo and conditioner. So go look for those sorts of products in the thrift store - They are usually grouped together in one place...(Sometimes there might be makeup there, as well....and often these products have never been USED....You might find the odds and ends of a Mary Kay distributor's stash, for ex.)

ALSO, at the same sale, I scored for FIVE $5 dollars a sequin-encrusted jacket in a diamond pattern in black, gold and iridescent pearl!! It's 80's vintage - but fits great without shoulder pads (I checked).  This is the sort of item I can never resist & which I squirrel away until I find the occasion to wear it - thereby saving oodles on formal clothes, which I do have more cause to wear than the general population, perhaps, because I am an actress when I wear my other hat....Besides, it was just so Joan Rivers!! I love her style of great jackets and interesting jewelry over a plain pair of pants and a top. Watch Fashion Police!



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