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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Pam's recounting of how her ancestrally thrifty habits have helped her in modern life in ways none of her foremothers could have imagined!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Woke up this AM to realize that I have neglected my BLOG. Guess I have been busy with other things - but I shouldn't disappear, should I?

Haven't been out buying much of anything, because all the $ is going toward car matters.  We have 2 old cars & are debating on what to do - Hubby had an offer of a re-built used car from the mechanic - (the white Tbird we got from them was OK)  - but this other car seems to have problems & it may turn out that we will just put the $ into replacing the transmission on our green car (it has been slipping a bit - but we put in transmission goop & it still works fairly well - Hubby is nervous, but as I have driven cars with REAL transmission problems, like refusing to go backwards, I am for once not as nervous as HE is.)

So I have been going into my closet & wearing things from THAT & I must say that there is more than enough for the time being!  Altho I did snag a few more of the padded cotton bras from the Dollar Tree, because the first ones I got fit so well!

Freebies are a source of amusement now... I got a steam cleaner from Biore which I gave to a friend whose complexion is oilier than mine now is...and I get little samples in the mail regularly from my free sites (such as - Also getting a Revlon lipstick from Walgrens - that offer may still work -

STILL using the facial care products I received for being in a trial of the brand - It was supposed to be 2 months, but they extended it to 3....I had just picked up some skin care products on sale at Sally Beauty Supply - so I am stocked for MONTHS to come! (The brand is Med3 & it is great...)

Of course, there are ALL the magazines I get  as freebies- & we have found another way to recycle them, as the art teacher in the school hubby works in loves them for art projects....

Bought a very inexpensive electro-stim belt from - Just to day I saw an ad for one - which was reduced to $149 - while mine was @ $12....& it works, too.  Just the thing to enliven muscles that have gone to sleep for inactivity!!  I DO feel the results from it - & it's supposed to be good for cellulite, too.  (May even go back & get another one....)

Wearing the watch with the interchangeable bands that hubby found for me in a thrift shop - & he also snagged a Knifty Knitter loom set for $10 - about !/2 of retail - so I am making hats on it.  Finished 2 already - & gave one to my elderly neighbor, who wears them even in relatively good weather....Last Xmas was scarves, perhaps this year will be hats!

My buddy found MORE yarn for me & a box of WIGS of all descriptions.  They are great fun & I have been looking at YOUtube for the videos that tell you how to trim them & take care of them - It's because as an actress, many older women have what I call "fluffy" short hair- but mine is thick & just doesn't DO that -

So I am thinking of using wigs for older characters - The idea came to me (again) when I was working on the final re-shoots of the indie mystery flick I am in last weekend - because another actress there was talking about the wig she puts on when she doesn't have time to do her hair....

I also dug up a hair piece to put on to play an opera singer at a commercial audition yesterday.  Hubby wonders why I have all that STUFF - but I DO use it. I actually had to improvise singing in operatic ITALIAN - now that was a first! The internet is a wonder because I could quickly & easily download the sheet music to an Italian aria I had worked on - & then I also could find the accompaniment!!  And I dug out a black wrap dress I had bought at a thrift store, naturally -

There is also talk about showing my French commercial in ARMENIA - which would mean a little more $ - Since I live in Little Armenia in L.A. & there just was an Armenian celebration here - I think that is a bit FUNNY, don't you?

So, hubby is now seeing that I can NOT spend $ at thriftshops, too! I am on a money diet for the time being - But it's also true that the pollen levels have been very high here, according to my online pollen report - & altho I haven't gotten very bad symptoms - which I credit my herbal/homeopathic remedies for - I do get VERY tired....& since everyone else seems to be "dying" - perhaps I am doing better than I think, altho I have broken out the Nasalcrom for the itching in my nostrils! And all the air filters/ac, etc are on...

Isn't it terrible about the oil spill?  It's so bad, I can barely stand to watch the news.. I have asked hubby to turn it off just as we go to bed, as I can't dwell on that disaster when I am trying to get a good night's sleep.  I just read escapist literature - like cozy mysteries & old novels til I get sleepy...(The Dollar Tree also has had a very good sleep remedy with hops & valerian and other herbs, which I take sometimes - good value for $1...)

Now the hard drive of our computer is dead - we woke up this AM to it - & I am on the laptop...Don't understand how that could have happened - so we are trying plugs, wires and so on - Wish us luck - oh, computers & cars, it's hard not to spend $$ on THEM!

And WE are by most standards in the upper ranges of the middle class & live in a rent-controlled apartment below market value by @ $500 a month!  I DO wonder how people with kids manage.  I know the Duggars started off with a frugal household blog - you DO have to REALLY be good at that to have as many kids as they have - it's a family factory by my lights!!

I suppose I have to admit that my job is still being an actress/entertainer - & I do spend time every day at my computer looking for work - hearing about auditions! An old actor told me once that the real job was finding the job - & I have to agree with him.   Even auditions are a chance to act & they can be FUN - like yesterday...

And we just watch old classic movies from TCM - I still don't know why people would BUY them - I just like the surprise of having something pop up on TV. (cheaper, too!) maybe I can find another free screening for hubby & me, so we can go to the movies.  It is special just to sit in the DARK.







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