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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Pam's recounting of how her ancestrally thrifty habits have helped her in modern life in ways none of her foremothers could have imagined!

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Sortta Vacationing
Monday, July 13, 2009

Been off blogging becaz we have declared ourselves mostly on vacation! On July 4th we were up at the boat & made music for the celebration at the Paz Mare clubhouse - which the mgmt. provided food for - We even made some pin $, always nice.

Back here catching up on my freebie offers, as it's harder to do on the biz laptop (& no printer, besides).  I have coupons for free Arby's BBQ burgers (you hv to buy a drink - check it out on the Arby's website) but hubby is on a mostly liquid diet due to problems with his innards, oh well - He's having lots of soup & loving it.

Coloring my bare legs with the sample facial moisturizers w/self tanning Lotion - it's light, but my legs don't look deadly white, either.  (And I don't use it on my face anyway...)

Got some moisturizer w/SPF 28 on sale at the drugstore for 25% off - (The spf 15 I will save for the winter.) Still have a lot of sunscreen - including the freebie spray I got and the freebie lip balm w/ spf, too)

Have all my bargain bathing suits - all new ones from thrift shops - did they not fit?  And one oldie but goodie in good shape.  Even fit into the one which was a bit tight last summer.  Yeah team! Using my 3/4 jeans plus tshirts witht my coordinating visors (from thrift shops) - and adding scarves.  Boy, the color coordination and the scarf really add a finished touch to a rather plain tshirt!  And I am wearing my bargain boat shoes in pink and green.  The tan nylon purse was picked up by hubby on a sale table at an ofc. store & I added tassels.  And, of course, my bargain sunglasses. 

Gotta bring the wraparound sunglasses I picked up to the boat, as they really help me with the glare of being out in the water with the sun shining like mad! You can tell, I DON"T tan & avoid sunburns like the plague.  For you younger ones, remember to put sunscreen on the back of your hands when you put it on your face to avoid age spots later on! And get some eye cream or eye makeup with some spf, too!

I use my samples of cream cleanser to better wash my face on the boat - and keep samples of hand cream and lotion w/spf to put on (the spf becaz I sweat off my sunscreen more often than not).  Also, always lipstuff for hubby.  Good to have dollar store sunscreen in the car.  We always leave some on the boat. It may weaken somewhat with age - but still seems to work...

A friend came up & we all played tourists & showed him around Ojai & downtown Ventura.  We even hit the thrift shops, and he managed to come up with a Victorian chair for $7!! And a real cut glass lamp for $5 - I just picked up scarves & little summer Michelle Obama sweaters...& dollar tshirts.  We also found some 2 prs. of great loafers for hubby - surprise! They are top quality & at $7 each!!!! So you can find men's things, too.

The Rite-Aid up there is moving, so they had a big sale - 75% off - & we got a bunch of stuff, from fiber supplements to vitamins to hair clips to underwear! We usually stock up when we run into opportunities like that! Everything was $3 and under...

So, we are budget vacationing and playing tourists in our own home territory - but we live in a great area here in So. Cal. - so it's hardly a sacrifice - & the beach is MUCH cooler than inland!






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