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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Pam's recounting of how her ancestrally thrifty habits have helped her in modern life in ways none of her foremothers could have imagined!

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We Partied!
Friday, February 27, 2009

Got invited to a Happy Hour for which is a new micro-blogging site - The folks came down from San Francisco & we were entertained at Joseph's in Holywood.  Nice old bar, good Greek retsina (on them) and very nice people to chat with!  Now see my working theatrical/artsy side at pamphyila at -  A great gratis evening (except for the parking....ugh.)

My resolution to get out more is working.  We have gone out once a week - very nice events, too...Nice to get dressed up - but I lost one of my 50's earrings....darn.  I can never have expensive earrings, because they always fall off or get lost....Wore the dk green velvet jacket I had gotten at a very high end Hollywood yard sale for a teen theatre....Nice outfit if I do say so myself...It was cold enuf to wear my blk nylon ankle boots with the leather toes/bk....How can ANYONE wear heavy boots here in S. Cal.?  I don't know....

Oh - a tip - if you want to winterize some lighter pants in your wardrobe, just wear a pair of pantyhose under them. I did last nite under my new cotton jersey pants....

Off to the boat tomorrow (Sat.) Boy, do I love those wkends!







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A Slow Day
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oooh! Trouble with the internet connection (on their side) so I have been fighting with a balky computer all day. Ugh!

I did spend my $20 Macy's giftcard which I won over Xmas on a set of GLASSES to drink from.  I have  been spoiled by the lovely beer glasses I had been given - so good in the hand - so after looking (sl000wly) thru everything else I decided upon that.

While I was waiting for the computer to work its stuff, I also took out a green permanent marker & touched up my fake bonsai tree, as the color had faded from the sun in the window and it looked as if it were dying (even tho it can't). Worked out OK  - and got extra off my fingers with my pumice stone - which is great for that sort of thing.

Also ran across my little bottle of Balsam Fir Needle essential oil I had used for the Xmas greenery - and afterreading the label - wafted it  under my nose to refresh me.  Nice.  Like walking in a forest.

My scent strip potpourri has been refreshed - and I had put them on the sound equipment, which is warm, and the hotter piece of equipment must have helped to spread the fragrance, like the old perfume on a lightbulb trick - as I had to replace the whole thing, not just renew it.

Going to a happy hour meeting about a new networking site with folks from S.F. tonite & getting a chance to wear my new $3.99 batik jacket.  Just right for winter in So. Cal.

Whew! Just a note about the prices on the Macy' website.  Even with a special sale I had heard about from one of my money sites, the prices weren't low at all.  I am astounded to see what my silver jewelry would cost to replace nowadays.  My 2 silver cuffs are worth quite a bit (even tho I inherited one and got the other for $1 at a thrift store, all black with tarnish....) Ditto the little amethyst pendant I got a while ago on sale. I read a gemologist lately who said that he thought that those stones were underrated - and they are bargains!

More probs with the bigger hard drive, so we are back to the surplus one left over from our beach soujourn. we do make demands on our home office, hubby & I. He did well today -so I am encouraging him to ask for more Office Depot gift card  $ to defray some of his outlay on supplies! Hope things speed up soon...



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Software Giveaway
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here is a link to Giveaway of the Day - which offers free downloads daily - (otherwise they cost $) -

Today it's a simple download for YouTube videos, but they have something different every day - but ONLY for the day.  This software, for example, they say would otherwise cost $29 (??)


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All Quiet on the Western Front
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The weather has turned nice and typically S. Californian again - still confusing about wardrobe - now we are back to warm temps!

A few projects have turned out nicely - I revived the watchband of a watch my sister had given me.  It is actually a sort of turquoise snakeskin - and the ends were worn and without color.  So I colored in the worn bits with a light green permanent marker I had just gotten at a clearance table. 

Hurrah for permanent markers.  You can do so much with them.  Coloring in the worn edges and ends of the watchband has totally revived it, which please me because it matches the turquoise of the watch itself - and where does one buy turquoise watchbands? Now that I have worn it a few days, the green is settling nicely into the turquoise, and the watchband doesn't look as if it's on is last legs anymore!

Walked around a pleasant Valley neighborhood after therapy - It is old cottages with old gardens and large trees - according the the imprints in the sidewalk put in in the 20's.  Really charming and my dream of a neighborhood.  But I consoled myself with the fact that I had brought some of that feeling to the side bits of garden at the apartment.  Because without my input (and the input of an ex-neighbor) it would still be dry grass and hard dry mud. Now I come home to roses and assorted greenery.

That neighborhood also yielded some chestnut burrs and various pods along the way - which I collected to bring back home to put over my paper potpourri I concoct from the fragrance strips in my gratis magazines.  By the way, I also recycled a bag full of magazines at the therapy office and sent them on their way. I am now getting a flood of magazines and hubby complains about the piles, so I have to recycle them elsewhere.

Oh, and I put the key I had gotten at the antique shop on a ball chain necklace - and then knotted the chain just above the key to balance it out.  Looks great! Not bad for free + $3.50!  I love my casual necklaces. You can even wear them - beach wise - with t-shirts, etc. Everyone at the beach does that - hippie influence I suppose.  But I do like it still.

Take care all and don't let all the financial news get you down - what's the song? "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? I myself am enjoying the fresh air here.


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The Hunt!
Monday, February 23, 2009

This past weekend was a good one for shopping!  We were going through Santa Paula on the way to the boat and stopped at their great Goodwill - Whew! the bargains! 

They have $1 racks - and some of our things came from there - and otherwise pieces were mostly $3.99 - My husband got a NEW terracotta cotton sweater which looks great on him for that price and it still had the tag on it.  What was that?  a $30 buy at least.

We also got:

  • t shirts (new) at $1 and  two  at $3.99 (new?)
  • ruffled shirt and skirt for $1 each
  • a trendy green resin necklace, new, with a tag for $15 - gotten for $1.69! (Now I like this necklace - but I would never have paid that MUCH for it. Crazy.)
  • black sequined Mizrani mules (new?) $3.99 -
  • black knit pants - (They were marked Medium, but actually were larger - glad I tried them on...) new?
  • various paperback books
  • a rust and black batik jacket -( I love ethnic stuff)
  • a beautiful ethnic emerald green, gold embroidered silk skirt - Indian? Hope to make it into something...
  • a pair of cropped denim pants with embroidery (Hubby found that for me!)

I am sure I am missing something - but it was all for about $43! - My husband grumbled - but the batik jacket or the sweater alone could easily cost THAT.  (And to think on a bargain fashion blog they were saying that things were inexpensive if in the $30 range!)

That's the trick to me having a wardrobe!  The batik jacket will go beautifully with a pair of brown pants I already have - or black ones.  And the luck to find BLACK shoes and pants!  Those are the basics, like good white shirts, that are rare in thrifting! And which you can hardly have too many of, as they are staples.

The secret of this place seems to be that they get merchandise from Target - after sales, etc., among other sources. Some of the merchandise then is STILL too pricey for what it is - but they also have deals in clothes, sometimes quite NEW - as you can see from my description. So we usually end up spending a bit there - over $20 at least - so we limit our visits to when we happen to be passing through.

That was my thrift shopping for the weekend (I don't seem to spend any $ any other times nowadays - or any other places, either.) But I did treat myself to an antique key charm to wear on a chain for a necklace - and more $.50 old books at Bart's outdoor bookstore in Ojai.  I love their funny ancient books - they take me to reading in places where I would never have thought of going on my own.  For example, one book is on the illnesses of our presidents - which is great for me, whose history has to come from the social history angle...

I then popped into my favorite health food store to check up on sales items - and landed some immune system formula on sale  (mine's been off the last couple of weeks.) and scored some freebies of samples of vitamins and lotions.

Mark asked if I felt guilty - but that's WHY I GO to that store as often as I can - so, no, I didn't. I always spend at least $10 -20  there - so why should I feel any guilt? (Especially when a "freebie" online for which I had to pay shipping (It looked like a good deal.) was just a little packet of lotion and a teensy sample of the sort I get gratis! And not even the right color, because their system fouled up and I was unable to fix the error!

Came home to a pile of freebie magazines!  Oh, we also visited the library bookstore in Carpinteria - where I always pick up some of the paperbacks I devour - and found myself sharing the secret of my free magazine subscriptions with the pleasant ladies who run the joint. We ladies do like our magazines to look at !

Mark is complaining about the magazine pile - but it's time to take a bag full to my therapist's office.  I noticed last time I was there that the ones I had brought were already GONE. And some can go to the laundry room here, where fellow tenants can go through them...

Thinking about a way to recycle some of my better paperbacks.  Bart's does buy and trade - so I am going to start a "Bart's Box" for the tradable books and bring them up next time I have a doctor's appointment up there on a Friday when they buy books. At least, it might help defray my Bart's spending, which is about $10 a month or so. But as I am so bad about library books and resulting fines, as I have said here many times - it's easier and cheaper for me to get cheap used books than agonize about returning library books.

So today it's back to freebie hunting - got 2 coupons for free Quizno's sandwiches to use this week - one for me & one for the hubby...Now I am back at home at the computer - writing and combing the net for work leads.

I saw an old buddy from 99 seat theatre days in a horror flick on ScareNet on cable - Resurrection Mary - a low budget one, but with its own charms - and it was great to see Joe Estevez do such a great job handing the exposition (more or less as I did in my own horror pirate flick!) That means the backstory to whatever horror situation they are tyring to set up, which usually comes in a nice, long monologue.  That and the appearance of JOLLY ROGER on TV last week all goes into my self-esteem file!

So the weekend functioned as away weekends should - I came back refreshed and ready for whatever the week throws at me. Mark had had a hard time prying me out of the house early on Friday to get up there - but I am very glad he did.  And wasn't he sly to know that a bit of shopping would help me cheer up? In the old days ladies bought hats - now  we get everything...


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Keep on Keepin' On
Friday, February 20, 2009

Last night I dreamt I was in a 99 Cent Store - the one where I had my picture taken for the budget article in the L.A. Times about 6 months ago! That's the first time that has happened. 

My stomach has been bothering me, so I looked up the symptoms on the net and then have been doctoring myself., and avoiding irritants like tea and alcohol and drinking camomille tea and NA beer instread.  It's terrible - I wish I had an MD I could go to whom I trusted to do more for me on a visit than I could do for myself! But the OTC nostrums, etc.,  I have been taking seem to be working, so I am on the right track.  What happened to doctors who came to your HOUSE?  When I am feeling sick, the last thing I want to do is sit around in a cold waiting room on an uncomfortable chair looking horrid...(There has been a stomach flu thing going around and since people around me have had it, I suspect that that has something to do with it...)

I mean, the first thing a doctor will do is go for the obvious, which I can get by checking Web MD - Mark had an accident once on a Sunday when he twisted a nerve in his back - and I applied first aid - and iced it and gave him large doses of ibuprophen which relieved it  - and then took him to the doctor the next day - and the doctor confirmed it was probably a nerve and told us to continue what we had been doing and charged us $50 or something!  Maybe there is something to getting too good at first aid....

On a brighter note, the pirate movie I was in -JOLLY ROGER -was on TV last night on the CHILL cable station.  So I caught my scenes to see what they would look like.  My best work, really!  It doesn't feel so stupid to have pursued acting all this time, if I have at least this to show for it - no matter how silly the flick is - It gave me great appreciation for Vincent Price!

Mark is pushing to get off early to the boat - and I am stalling here - partly because of my malaise - George is singing tonite at a place in Ojai - do I want to push myself to go?  We will see...

Hasta la vista - at least California now finally has a budget -

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Frugal Miscellany
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got through V Day frugally - printed out a card from the Internet - and added gold to is with a gold marker - and put it on my "virtual bouquet" - which was a decorative piece (of ribbon and feathers and a cupid, actually) which I cut out of one of my fancy free magazines.  Then I mounted it with spray adhesive to some cardboard I had saved, and cut it all out, making sure to keep "feathery" edges.  I embellished that with gold here & there, too.

Then I mounted it on a wire leaf holder that I have picked up at the Cost Plus sale for $.69 - and voila! a virtual bouquet. (As I said, I added the valentine I had printed out, too.)  I really like the idea and think I will use it some more.  You could even make one in pieces and send it through the mail.  Perfect for offices as no watering is required!  And really, any photo holder will do as a stand.

A large branch of the big old jade plant outside in the strip of garden broke off from its own weight - and since I couldn't bear to see it there lying on the ground, I broke off little branches and planted them.  I brought 2 upstairs and put them in empty pots in my garden sink near kitchen.  And then I put some outside in a few places, too.  I put some in a garden pot full of soil that has been on the edge of the stairs for ages with nothing in it  - and I also planted some in some bare spots in the garden.  Let them think the gardener did it! 

We will see how many of them "catch" and grow.  I have really never tried this transplanting before myself.  But I understand that succulents are VERY easy to take cuttings from and transplant.  And they certainly flourish in our bit of garden.

On another note - I read in a group I am in on about the problems of leading a frugal acting career - I commented that since I have always been broke I know it is possible - and that I have honed my skills enough to write this blog.

Really, actors are such suckers and everyone out here is after their hard-earned $ - giving them the impression that that will solve their problems. The reality is that actors I have known who were working didn't have expensive pictures or anything.  They had talent, luck, skill and connections.  I for one will be starting my FREE acting class at Santa Monica Emeritus College with Barbara Gannen. - The only catch here is the drive over there and the fight with traffic at rush hour on the way back - That is exhausting.

Gee, I have done so much myself - my own PR - which I initially learned for the theatre I had - I have always typed out my own resumes - and lately my photographer friends have been nice enough to take pictures for me - so much easier now with digital cameras! I even edited my own reel using! There was a learning curve, but it wasn't impossible to do - and I got as good a reel as if I had spent hundreds of dollars. on it. 

So MUCH can be done on one's home computer nowadays.  You can edit/crop pix using the FREE Picasa from Google - You can do video auditions using your computer's little camera....or your own digital camera - You can make sound files for voice work - And you can send all these electronically!  It's amazing.

There is a moral there somewhere about being as much DIY as you can manage - especially with electronic tools. But I carry over that DIY to as much of my life as I can manage - and it saves a LOT of $ for me.  (And the rest is BARGAINS.)

Oh, I am including the 2 Cents' pic which is from indirectly from today - so I am borrowing heavily - but it just felt so "right". (It really is a coin purse you could buy, too....)


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Free Foreign Language ECards!
Friday, February 13, 2009

Note:  go to for lovely foreign language ecards - for free!  They also have how to say "I love you" in 16 languages.  A nice touch, don't you think?  The pic is of the Chinese one.


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A Night Out
Friday, February 13, 2009

A night out on the town - really an afternoon + evening -

Had the free ticket from my theatre class to the play at the Geffen.  They don't seem to five them out in pairs anymore - so I had to buy one for the hubby.  And there's a frugal story about that -

 I looked up the Geffen tix for the play on the internet and it directed me straight to Ticketmaster who would have tacked on $15 to the ticket price!  (not to mention charging for sending it in the mail...)

Luckily there was an article about the play in the Sunday paper, which gave the direct # to the box office - So I called, got the cheapest ticket (the front a few rows down is $20 more!), paid for with a credit card and then picked up at Will Call. The extra ticket was another mezzanine seat  and as the mezzanine wasn't full, my hubby & I could sit together anyway. I don't know what Ticketmaster does for its $15!  So beware!

Buying tickets can be tricky - In NYC I found that musical tix were to be had cheaper at the box office than at the ticket booth. (Not the case for the straight plays I usually go to.)

Hubby was working on the West side that day, so he came & picked me up and then delivered me to a coffee place to hang out until he was finished. There was a nice junky antique shop a few doors down - my favorite kind - and I perused the books, picking up a few of my classic mysteries - and a lovely Italian notebook.  The Europeans really understand nice stationery. 

There also was a nice bright red scarf or shawl - polyester, but a great color - which I also got.  All for $13 total.  That's how I have amassed my scarf collection. Wore one of them - a silk chiffon with an animal print to the theatre - with my grey/black outfit - and the silver earrings I got at an outdoor market last summer and a silver bracelet I inherited from my godmother.  I even dug up my nice Fossil watch. (It's amazing how much THEY are going for now - I DID get a good deal.)

Still haven't spent my $25 Macy's gift card which I won over the holidays - and there is ANOTHER sale this weekend - so I think I will try to get to one - Saw a nice dressy watch in an ad in the paper - maybe one of those??

I enjoyed dressing up and going out - reminded me of going to the theatre in New York.  Something very satisfying about an evening at the theatre for me - as if I am getting a vitamin I have been missing. But then, I do act upon occasion....Support your local theatre!



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V Day Prep
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day has been hanging around my neck  as it fast approaches.  An old beau once said that I "had a sense of occasion," and it is TRUE.  Had to concoct something!

And - it's DONE!  Yeah team!  Very easily, too - the Pier One (right around the corner from me) was having a SALE and I got $90 worth of stuff for $30!!! They had lotions and scented candles and drink mixes and so on.   Very nice - and very much discounted! So I have a "spa" V-Day all set up. 

I had no idea that Pier One had skin care and so on - It's in unexpected places like that that you can get good deals!

Hubby is also Scandinavian in origin and has sensitive skin like me, so he is always using "lotion," as he calls it.  And usually he buys bath products for ME - so this is his turn!

And I found a nice valentine at!!!

All the elements of an intimate evening - including some champagne for ME. (He gets to choose among the drink mixes as he is a staunch AA'er!)

Now that sort of buy, I do like - it's the only time I actually SHOP in such stores - when they are having BIG SALES. And you know, the 3/4 off is more or less of a rule of thumb for me.  I calculate that I save 3/4 off on many of my purchases.  It helps us live nicely on an educational salary - with some room for niceties!



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Rainy Day
Monday, February 09, 2009

Really quiet here - as it's cold and rainy - listening to jazz on the radio.  Hunted around for freebies on the net, as I usually do....

Got some nice little things yesterday - even a ketchup pin from Heinz, which I think I will use for a card on which I say 'it's hard to ketch-up with you" ha!  Also ordered a free LCD heart today...

Read about Bumble & Bumble having hair powder in colors - which intrigued me.  I bought some tumeric a while ago to make my blonde shampoo more golden - and I added it to what I usually use for dry shampoo - scented dusting powder.  It came out blondish - and I think it even revived some of the color after I put it in and then brushed it out - The trouble with just plain dusting powder as dry shampoo is that it seems to darken your hair. Do you believe that the B&B hair powder is $34??

Of course, they have it for brunettes - and I couldn't think of what to put in to make the powder that DARK - but luckily I have dark blonde hair with strawberry highlights - so my concoction seems to work.  The texture of my hair is even nicer than usual - the tumeric?  I am SO allergic to chemicals that I have to get more and more clever about what to use to color my hair as the grey hairs creep in!

There were LOTS of magazines at www.mercurymags -which I ordered.  I have stacks of magazines at home - and am collecting the scent strips to make more potpourri...Need to take an armful of the magazines down to the laundry room here to share - and some to put in the waiting room of my therapist's office.

Joined a swap group yesterday that has book /media swaps monthly  or so - Boy, do I have lots of paperbacks of all sorts to recycle! I get them so cheaply - that it's not worth the postage to send them off to exchange them.  I put some in the swap area at the clubhouse at our marina - and when I finally get to the Sta. Monica Emeritus College site again, I will bring in a bag of paperbacks to swap there, too.   How DO people pay $8-9 for a paperback novel?  I read so quickly that I can get through one a night, practically. (I read them before bed...)

You are going to say "Go to the library, " I know! But the ones here are just inconvenient enough that I always manage to pile on library fines - and I misplace books - and so on.  I have made quite a contribution to the L.A. Public Library's exchequer over the years. It's actually cheaper to get used paperbacks!

(Just discovered that my Google toolbar actually has a spellchecker for online forms! So it will be easier for me to proof the blog and fewer typos, I trust...)


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Something New!
Saturday, February 07, 2009

Just ordered a NEW dress for myself - (see pic) - from an alert here:

This is a rareity - buying anything new, that is...but it was such a steal, I couldn't resist - I mean, with SHIPPING a little less than $15 - with an original price of over $30.  And the style and the color are great for me (very simple and silver)- Hoping it fits right - but it should have a loose fitting ratio! When I buy things, I do have an eye for the camera - as I justify purchases by telling myself I could wear them for an audition or an on-camera job.  And then, classic pieces stay in the wardrobe until I wear them out... 

The Bargain Queens blog does tip you off to especially great deals on occasion - and made me aware of the super deals on clothing at when things are on sale.But I restrict myself to when the prices rival those of thrift shops! It is fun to windowshop the site, tho -



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Spa Night etc.
Friday, February 06, 2009

Finally got to experience this whole "day spa" thing - as I was invited to the Body Bar Urban Spa in Silverlake for a presentation of L.A.-based Sircuit Skin cosmeceuticals' all natural treatments. The spa itself is lovely - very calming oriental-inspired decor & it smelled so good! 

I lucked into getting a 30 min. facial using the Mocha Loca lactic acid chocolate peel - and other products.  What a nice experience!  So soothing. And the Sircuit aesthetician was a real pro, gently massaging my face and telling me about the products. The serums, etc., that Sircuit produces are all natural - and you can tell.  But not at the high end of the spectrum - more towards the middle - altho $40-60 is still out of my range usually.  I came out with a glowing face - even though the aesthetician complimented my skin throughout. (So I must be doing something right.)

And afterwards I looked at how much the Body Bar charged for a 30 min. facial & it was $65!!  And the samples I got were worth more than $40 - so it was a profitable evening! Oh, how the other half lives....

I did get a discount coupon - but if I ever do pop for spa services I will probably go to (in L.A. & NYC areas) for discounts.  There is a hair salon in my budget price range not far from me & I am going to try it out.

Put on the glam of my other side by wearing a tweedy jacket with my vintage 50's intaglio cameo-like pin, debuting my thrift shop 50's Trifari necklace and anonymous vintage clip earrings. (Clips are so hard to find, that I grab them, especially the vintage ones at a good price....)

I was looking at an article about a professional vintage jewelry collector on (they have collectible and antiques sections...) and I am always appalled at how pricey all this stuff has gotten.  Everyone at the spa night was oohing and ahing at a rhinestone ring I threw on at the last minute to lighten the black ensemble....and the story on that is that I got it at a junky Asian bargain store in Sta. Paula for maybe $3...and I have seen similar ones for 10 times as much.  Imagine.

All the colored rhinestone pins we used to think of as too gaudy are now very much in style! And as I said, fetch a pretty penny.  Check out the jewelry boxes of older female relatives who are fond of you, and you may find some treasures that they wouldn't mind parting with, as they don't really wear them anymore.  The overall quality of the older pieces is so much better - and even the prices I think are outrageous for vintage compare fairly well with contemporary pieces with lesser workmanship. And they have resale value, too!

I have a large collection dating back to high school - I have kept almost ALL of it and have lots to choose from. I have culled through it from time to time and sold off what I didn't love - and I do have a fantasy of being able to take all to market when I am an old lady!

This is my how-to-live-rich-when-you-are-not strategy.  Nice clothes to pull out and otherwise sweatshirts and jeans!


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What is up...
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just thought I would comment that now I know why I felt uninspired yesterday.  I caught my hubby's cold - and I was right - it WASN'T allergies, altho at the start it's hard to tell one from the other...

So I am gargling and taking my adaptogens and Chinese remedies - I have a spa opening tonite & I really want to go - they are offering me a facial!  I will tell you how it goes. I can shine up my hair with some of the new hair gel....

Tip: If you like to write, think about developing your skills into minor journalism.  A Blog would be a good start.  I have done all sorts of freelance journalism besides this blog and often there are perks! Conventions and travel shows and the like often have lots of wonderful giveaways - to keep or to gift...Get on the lists of those PR people....& who knows?  And if you do book reviews, you get book freebies! I would love to get on the reviewing circuit again....

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What's with the Weather?
Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The weather here has been really screwy - down to where one is wearing regular winter clothes and now up in the 80's -  Because I had the windows mostly closed during the cold - I am discovering that keeping the windows shut somehow keeps the residual cool in? At any rate, for all the outside temperature, it's cool in here.

Still wondering what to do for Valentine's Day (or V Day, as I call it).

Thought I would craft a homemade Valentine - but not feeling terribly inspired -altho there was a great idea on Martha Stewart's site...Even thought I was going to make a V Day wreath - but again - no inspiration!

We spent the wkend on the boat - and Fri. night we jammed with our buddy George at the Deer Lodge outside of Ojai.  Great fun! Been asked to sing a classical piece for the memorial service of my friend's cousin - have to practice this week to get ready. And back to my clarinet practice!

Hubby picked up a piece of laminated fiberboard from some discarded furniture on the street which he is using for extra desk space poised over the filing cabinets in the computer desk.  Said he learned about picking over street finds from me! I also found some 3/4 plywood pieces today - one I think I will save for the "loom" thing I saw on Threadbanger and try to make myself a belt or something....I wonder if one can weave with plastic??

Otherwise, sending in for freebies - I am looking for "junkets" - free events to go to - & will go to a salon reception nearby tomorrow - What to wear?  I think the "Michelle Obama" dress in a colorful rayon print - which I got in the sale box at Squaresville.  I even have a vintage brooch to wear with it!  So hard to figure out wardrobe for these hot winter days in S. Cal. - But rayon is a great fabric - so versatile!

There - I told you I didn't feel too inspired! Life goes on....



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