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Funny Ways to Pick Up Extra $

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The funniest way I heard to literally "pick up" extra $ was to look for dropped coins near the drive ins of fast food outlets,as everyone always drops change! I still do stoop to pick up pennies, myself.  As far as I am concerned, pennies are STILL $ - and I have no compulsion about ever paying with CHANGE.  Having worked in retail, I know lots of shopkeepers LOVE to get extra change, as they are always running OUT! And those pennies are great for paying those tiny extra bits of sales tax that always make the totals uneven.

But the fact that I have been doing this longer than most came to me when a friend was trying to get rid of a junker car.  He and my husband were trying to GIVE it away - without success, and I immediately said, sell it to a junk car dealer. 

They will actually tow it away FREE andeven GIVE you some $ for it! (And the car goes to car parts heaven, a good place for it, so everyone is happy.) They would have passed up the $100 the car fetched, even in non-running condition.  Not me the veteran penny-pincher!  All those little (?) hundreds of dollars add  up in one's budget & are fairly invisible, if you know what I mean....

Then I spent the afternoon experimenting with Amazon's Mechanical Turk - at - to see how picking up little bits of $ for assorted cybertasks goes.  This - besides being a call center - is supposed to be one of the few legit ways of making $ at home. 

I went for the re-writes, because due to vast experience, I can do that rather quickly.  But the payments were still small - $.80 - $1.00 for 30-60 min. work.  And you wonder about the minimum wage! But it's cyber piecework, like when women took home shirts to sew, etc.

It wasn't bad - altho I ran into some technical issues, I couldn't straighten out - and I did make some $ - which I understand can only be redeemed at the Amazon store.  But I buy books & music, so that's ok.  But the return for the time spent even for ME, who writes & types fast, is low.  But it's the sort of thing that if you were stuck at the airport with your laptop - or if you have a cyber addicted teen who wants to make some pin money - it might be a good idea!

I can make more $ writing little online article at, which goes directly to my Paypal account - but even that is funny money - as the amounts are so small.

But next time, just remember to count your pennies, stoop to pick them up and don't hesitate to explore ways new to you to pick up a little more!







Mechanical Turk?


Exploring the world of cyberpiece work and other ways to pick up pennies!

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