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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Been freebie hunting like mad - as I am collecting bits and pieces I can give away for Xmas....Found 2 new great sites:

     Complimentary Crap (that is the name)

      Top Savings

Lots of freebies that I hadn't gotten yet! Even sending out stamped self-addressed envelopes for some samples of Vermont Bee Balm and new Olbas lozenges (they cost $4 or more in the healthfood store).  Go to their websites to look for sample offers!

Got 2 free books from Ayn Rand Inst. - Anthem and The Fountainhead.  I have never read either - and after watching an HBO movie about Rand, got interested.  (They will send out multiple copies - for home schooling or whatever...)

Finally have found a nice library branch (a suburban one) that has a good variety of books.  If they are all shelved I just don't know what to GET.  And I am being very good about returning them all ON TIME - coordinating with a weekly appointment  - so I will always be in the neighborhood.

There have been fires here - a natural occurrence, alas - and the air was crummy yesterday & I had my air filters on.  But I live on the old flats - not subject to high winds like in the canyons - so we are OK - altho there was a fire in Griffith Pk. a month or so ago - I could see that and THAT made me nervous.  It's very dry.  I put water in my quasi swamp cooler containers under my fans and it's gone overnight. 

Have the end of my cold/flu thing.  Just trying to clear my chest of phlegm. ) Oh, speaking of chest(s) Proventil has a coupon for a FREE inhaler on its site!  Hope what I had WAS the flu - so I will be over it for the season!  Got my hubby little portable hand sanitizers bottles hoping I can get him to USE them.

There were obscure Carole Lombard movies on TCM the other night.  One was the first Gable and Lombard did together - altho they became a couple years later - Boy, there was chemistry, even then! When I grow up I want to be Carole Lombard! (with her on-screen wardrobe....)

The Federal taxes are GONE.  Yippee.  And we don't owe them anything, either!  Yeah team! Now have to get the rest out, but I am taking a BREAK.

Been flat on my show biz stuff - I guess because of suffering from this bug - one needs vitality to get out there - Hopefully I will have fully recovered in the next week.  Taking my wellness vitamins! And my slight earache seems to have responded well to my Hylands eardrops (homeopathic & not expensive at all....) Hylands makes a nice line of homeopathic remedies and they are very reasonable - Calms Forte is a great sleeping aid.

Also signed up for vitamin samples among the freebies - we will see what finally comes in.....

There seem to be categories of things that are easy to get samples for:  feminine hygiene products of all sorts/lotions/creams/vitamins and supplements, etc./shampoo.  I think they those are items that people want to try before buying....but it works out well for us pennypinchers!  I have more than a month's backup of skin care samples of all kinds! Even got a full-size facial moisturizer with SPF 15 - very fancy - So it really cuts down on my skin care budget...I have only bought night cream lately....(& that with my internet fun $).

Thanks for reassuring me that you guys really are OUT there & I am not just blathering away!  These are tricky hard times.  We need to stick together, right? 








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