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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hmm, what sort of a frugalista way can I share? I fixed a necklace by threading the end with a needle and thread and then threading the chain through the holes. (Thought I would have to take it to a jeweler....) & voila! fixed. You can do simple repairs by yourself.  It's a silver necklace I was given years ago & never wore much - now polished up, it seems just right.

For my birthday, Mm friends took me to a hidden jewel of a restaurant in E. L.A. hung with the art of the Mexican artist Tamayo.Just getting there was an adventure! 

The night before hubby & I went to the Hollywood Bowl to hear Mozart. We sat in the cheap seats, which I love, as you can stretch out! And the sound is just as good. At $23 for 2 (via phone) - the parking at $17 almost cost as much! Still a DEAL.  The Hollywood Bowl is a great place - just beautiful.  But if you go, remember that it can get chilly! 


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