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Freeware to the Rescue!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My other hat is an actress one & yesterday I had to make a last minute submission for a character in an animated cartoon - I decided to submit an MP3 file rather than rush over there - so I tried the new voice recorder my husband got - to no avail - and them resorted to the little voice recorder that comes with the computer.

But it turned out in a WAV file (the big ones) & I had to convert it to an MP3 to send it in via email.  SO - I looked up some conversion FREEWARE, and found a FREE convertor - after some downloading, it was converted and sent in by the deadline.

So FYI - especially in an emergency, there is FREEWARE and SHAREWARE out there for your computer.  There are lots of free programs, just for the download (altho be careful, some of them are just samples you can use once or twice). 

If you are cautious, you might check out the reviews on some tech sites - they have listings of the best free/shareware - And Google now has a whole suite of sortware it offers with its gmail -

So, especially if you are on a budget - check it out before you BUY. My husband insisted we get McFee anti-virus, but there are other FREE programs out there, which seem pretty good.  (I do do so much surfing, that I have to be careful...) There is even free photo software - one is Picasa (part of the Google pack)- the other one escapes me at the moment.....I will try to remember it for you.




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