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Whew! it's a new year!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sorry, folks - I have neglected my blog due to the fact that this Xmas season seemed to be particularly busy - Hubby & I appeared as Santa & Mrs. Claus - & then we had to prepare for a last minute Xmas gig - paid! - and on to drive up to Bakersfield to see my brother & his family - and then turning around & driving up to visit my brother-in-law & mother-in-law up in Sacramento for New Years! Whew!

Luckily we had extra $ from the Santa gig + the music gig + the $ from my French commercial! And we rented a car (with an upgrade it turned into a van) to drive up to Sacramento to save our aging cars. Had an Entertainment Today discount - that helped, too.  Not too much gas to get up there & back,either.

Gave everyone my handmade scarves - Still LOTS more - & I am contemplating what to do with them once everyone I know has gotten one...

My Spanish sister-in-law passed on one of her aborted knitting projects - with needles and some nice fuzzy yarn - and I took apart the scarf she had started, as the fuzzy yarn needed more yarn backing for my taste, and expanded it into a lovely tweedy GREEN shawl with all the greens (& touches of blue, etc.) that I had.  Not to long to do - & very cozy.  It's nice, because I didn't really have a green shawl in the repertoire...

Hubby left most of my luggage HOME on top of the bed we discovered in Sacramento - so I had to go shopping in the thrift shops of Sacramento - Various thrift shops do have different character - lots of biz clothes there - but I did score a few tops, some brand new boat shoes (!), and some jeans, + a pair of jeweled plastic J. Crew ballerina flats for New Years Eve.  I pulled together an outfit from my thrift shop finds plus a grey Michael Kors sweater I have and wore the amethyst necklace I had gotten for Xmas - and was quite well-dressed for a home New Years Eve...(Still wish hubby would understand the difference between thrift shop prices & real ones, though....For the price of one $30 GAP tee I acquired a whole outfit of very good quality!)

Curiously,I found that the suburban thrift shops of both Bakersfield & Sacramento are pricier than I am used to - not that the prices are anywhere near retail! BOOKS were more expensive, I found - at $1.00 and $1.49 for paperbacks....but I recycle those, anyway - for exchange...)

We had put up little trees and it was easy to take them all down again! Although I miss the decorations - they will be fresh next year.  That's a bargain tip - get nice bargain decorations that you can recycle year after year!

Now we have to adjust to the post-holiday exercise & diet season! The ads are everywhere.  I didn't really indulge over the holidays - but everyone needs to watch their weight - so I am, too! Thought about joining Curves - but there is a $100+ membership fee - which makes it more than Bally's??

Whew and whew again!  Happy New Year everyone!!




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