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Memorial Day II
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are you musical? Are your kids musical?

One thing being musical myself is that I always look for music books and sheet music in thrift shops.  You frequently see what must be a collection that has been donated.  In the 50-70's many good song books were published with good bindings, and containing familiar folk songs and other popular songs - meant to be sung at the piano (or to a guitar) - most are chorded, an added plus. These chords were probably added for the guitar, but they are also great for me, a ukulele player (if they are not too hard!)

This weekend for $1.49 each I pickup up a 255 page Nostalgic Years in Song book, and a Reader's Digest Treasury of Song (288 pages with a wire binding).

Both were in good shape, but I did have to tape the broken binding of the Nostalgic Songs. Even new, these cost $8 or more - and today would be twice or three times as much.  So you have to agree that $1.49 apiece is a good deal. 

Lots of music to pluck my ukulele to!






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From Over Memorial Day Wkend I
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day wkend I

Thrifty shopping can make hubby grouchy - but when it is = to 1 pr of leather sandals (new condition marked $40) - 1 pr of clogs - 2 pairs of black pants (1 linen) - 3 t-shirts (One a designer one) - a stylish vest - a hippie Nepalese hoodie ( I had admired in Topanga but couldn't afford)- 6 paperback mysteries - 1 LARGE scented candle - large cotton scarf - a belt (new) and two large music books = $47 is a GOOD DEAL!!

I am wearing one pair of the cheap cropped madras pants I ordered online from - 2 for $14 - I got a blue plain pr. & a cranberry - for the summer.  Haband has good deals if you look through their stuff carefully - Basic items, like these capris, windbreakers, etc. (I also ordered nice slippers once.)

To make hubby happy I do triage at the register & weed out the pieces that are dubious. (He bought himself a Packers tshirt at the discount store across the street - almost as much as my whole haul.)




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Target @ Goodwill?
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There is a certain Goodwill I like to go to on the way up to the boat - & one of the nice things is that it carries NEW Target merchandise - heavily discounted!! The deals are especially good in clothing.

On the last visit I found a gingham pair of long shorts, a grey light jacket, and a a nice belt for @ $4 each  I also found NEW Dr. Scholl's original wooden sandals for $3.99 (They list for $40+)

I calculated that I had gotten $130 worth of clothing (list price) for @ $20! & these are new items. They are not luxury goods, & not worth $30-40 list in my opinion - but for $4 - yes....

Nor $.25 each - as some of my frugalistas relate - but pretty good anyway!

I also received a nice sample of Tricalm (for itching, etc.) through the mail, which arrived just in time, because I had an allergy outbreak! Did work. Also used cold black tea on the itching when I was desperate! Also used the cheap Benedryl I had bought on sale at Rite Aid a while ago - & the generic zyrtec I have been picking up at Dollar Tree. (I stocked up on vitamins & home remedies there.)

At the church thrift shop I picked up a very high class silk sweater for $3 - and some yarn.  I have been knitting away on my frankenstein project - but somehow the smaller needles are eating up yarn, and even though I sent hubby to the 99Cent Store for more, it was getting too costly - so I am slipping in some color into the cream yarn - with the yarn I found at the thrift shop.

I also finally finished off & sewed together the peculiar fuzzy wool shrug/bed jacket I had cobbled together - Odd, but not bad - again, recycled yarn.....

My husband had no idea how CHEAP I am - my friends turn us on to FREE concerts (another one Friday) - I get discounted tix sometimes - & my wardrobe, which is quite nice - I nickel & dime! Now I have so many nice things that I am able to upgrade what I wear at home from old crummy clothes to decent casual wear....

I also found a crazy large straw hat without a brim at another Goodwill for $3 - & a leatherette purse (I am trying to downsize from the gold satchel I have been wearing & give it a rest as my day bag.) - I thought it was real leather - but at $7, it's a fashionable style & not bad.....

Look around at your local thrift shops for new merchandise - my hubby also gets nice men's wear at another Goodwill in the Valley.....There seems to be a pattern there - so if you find that there is new merchandise in the thrift shop - there will probably be more next time, too.

If I don't write before then - Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody!


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Pioneer Woman & First Aid
Sunday, May 06, 2012

Now, I am not advocating these measures - just want to TELL you all what happened to me last week & how I dealt with it ....

I have been having allergic reactions on my right hand/arm.  Went to the allergist & she prescribed some cream and added another antihistamine to my regimen - Ok - swelling, itching went down. (The Caladryl my hubby bought me helped a lot, too...)

THEN I woke up on Friday with two purple blisters-type lesions on my middle finger & it was all swollen. To make matters worse, i had a ring on that finger, which was cutting off circulation, & was now too tight to get OFF.

Called the nurse hotline of my HMO & they told me to go to Urgent Care, which I did.  Arrived MUCH too early (my fault) - & had to wait from 12:30 to 2PM (They have a lunch break?) Then I waited some more & finally saw a doctor who confirmed what I thought & said the ring had to come off - but they didn't have the right tool - then I was directed across the street & down a block to another building - & they didn't have the tool, either. They wanted me to go to the OR - but knowing how OR's run & that I was not on the point of dying, I would have to wait another 3-4 hours - so I just drove home AND

After some trying, I banged the ring open with a hammer! (I have had silver rings which have broken in the back by themselves when I DIDN'T want then to - so....) I then opened up the ring with a screw driver - AND THEN I lanced the blood blisters or whatever they were with a pair of nail scissors I had heated on the gas stove to sterilize!  Then I washed it all in hot water & applied an antiseptic ointment & a large bandaid -

The doctor at Urgent Care actually CALLED me to see what had happened - which I explained to her & told her that I would watch it & if it got any worse, I would go back to the doctor.

Well, it is a few days now, & it is all healing up nicely! The Urgent Care doctor did make an observation that helped, asking me if I gardened - which I do, a little - perhaps I was reacting to something in the garden (or the pesticides the gardeners apply)....So now I am looking for gardening gloves!

See - sometimes being PIONEER WOMAN & applying a bit of first aid WORKS!  We all have to know some first aid in case of emergencies, too - no?


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Fashion Fixes
Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Suppose this is me being crafty - I have been FIXING costume jewelry & clothing lately.  Have to admit - I enjoy it!

Numero Uno - I bought what I found out was a Schiaperelli bracelet (famous 30's designer, Paris, surreal see pic) in Sacramento at a thrift shop - but it was a bit worn - so I FIXED the finish slightly with gold-colored nail polish - just a bit here & there where the gold finish was worn - & voila! lovely bracelet - which I couldn't afford otherwise - even in vintage. (Also touched up a worn bit on a pair of "gold" earrings - wore both with bargain new bracelet to concert on Sat. - in $7 Chico cropped pants set I had bought in Ventura & a pr. of silk? flats in a golden color $1 same place in Ventura - I am a good customer of theirs.)

Two -  Fixed a spot on a nice light turquoise cotton jacket with waffle texture -

I got it for $1 because of 2 slight coffee spots in the front - So I bleached them just slightly with hydrogen peroxide - & it did make a lighter patch - which I could then fill in with water -soluble felt pen in turquoise applied on wet cloth - Worked!

Spot cleaning technique is very valuable for repairing/restoring vintage, etc.

Three  - I tinted the ribbon "soutache" on a 99 Cent Store Vest

Did it with a light brown permanent marker (I have a whole set) - & colored the white plastic "dots" with dark blue nailpolish AND the white plastic buttons with the same light brown marker (I probably will replace them eventually).  Now it will look fine with my dark blue & black Indian pants - with the 99Cent white chiffon blouse I also bought at the 99 Cent Store. That's how outfits are born!)

I have also colored white plastic buttons (they look so cheap) on a dress with light pink pearl nail polish to go with the dress.  I liked the dome shape & once colored, just kept them.  Never even had bothered to unsew them.

See- more secrets of the frugalista trade!



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Unexpected Sources of Fashion
Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Guess where my latest fashion finds came from?  a rack at the 99 Cent Store!

They now carry thriftshop quality used or otherwise clothing - & amidst all the junk I did find some NICE stuff at - 99Cents each.  I found tees, knit tops (of good brands), even a polyester chiffon blouse & a pair of label brand cotton cropped pants - even a big tee for hubby.

The 99 Cent Store is an unexpected source for: underwear, cheap bras, pantyhose, sox, pants sox, scarves and so on - & has just added this feature - which is worth wading through the racks for good stuff - at prices lower than most of my area's thriftshops!

ALSO - Dollartree has cute faux straw fedoras - I got one in each color: straw, blue & a mustard brown - I was inspired in this multiple purchase by the writer Anais Nin - of all people - who had French shopping habits when young & pampered.  

So - when I find a good deal on scarves at the 99 Cent Store - I buy one in every color - I can afford it!


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