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Bad Blogger!(Get a student 2 do it)
Friday, September 30, 2011

Ok - you can get blog burnout.  I find I haven't been blogging as much as I ought to - I was just reading something about online presence & reminded myself of that -

So - some ongoing tips on how we live frugally -

My hubby is a songwriter of 12-step songs, having been a friend of Bill W. for over 25 years - & he was written an amazing collection of songs - Some of these we have performed at various 12-step gatherings around S. Calif. - And as we got further & further into this, we discovered that to go any further we needed a more professional CD sampler.

But the COST!  Much more than we can spare, especially since my husband has been unemployed for over 4 months!  Lots of time to work on the music - but no money for studio time....

THEN I saw an ad in craigslistla where a student at a local Hollywood recording school was looking for musicians to record - gratis!

We went last night & spent 4-5 hours recording.  It was a great experience for both hubby & me (I sang backup) - & we came out with some pretty good demo material - GRATIS!  Wow - the studio was state of the art & the student engineer patient, eager & helpful.  All in all a wonderful & productive evening - for parking & a tip to the kid!

I have often said that some people PAY good money to have learning experiences - but the best way is to prepare yourself & throw yourself into a real situation! Last evening was one case in point.

You can get students to do all sorts of things!   In the past I have used students for:

  1. Dental work at a dental school
  2. Cleaning at a college program for dental hygienists
  3. Hair cutting at beauty schools (I like the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica)
  4. This recording session

I have also read about using students to do work on your car - mechanical & body work - getting student massages - and many other beauty school services.  Students learn about all sorts of useful work.  See if what you desire can be done for less - by a student!



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