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Hacks on Instructables
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Check out for all sorts of neat diy ideas! I am making my own tee tree oil toothpicks by just soaking regular toothpicks in water with a few drops of tee tree oil (which I have on hand,) Then leaving them to soak overnight in the frig.  Not quite as good as the ones I buy at the health food store - but soaking them in water makes regular toothpicks much softer & easier on the gums. And I am fiddling with how many drops of tea tree oil to add to the water they soak in.  DEFINITELY cheaper than $4 a box at the health food store! (& such a simple idea!)

Get what you are entitled to! We are having some repairs done to our bathroom in our apartment - fixing the faucets - painting a wall that has peeled - & I have a notion that it's because there will be an inspection of the building on Thursday! Peeling paint is considered a "habitability" issue - & they have to re-paint! (That's how we got our wood floors in the living room - there was a HOLE in the floor!) We do little things ourselves - but one advantage of living in an apartment is that THEY have to call the PLUMBER.



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Medical Info
Wednesday, May 04, 2011

 There are friends of mine without health care - here are some pointers:

Remember if you retire early at 62 & ARE DISABLED you may qualify for Medicare!

There are LOTS of free clinics and support for meds and such.  Just ran across a great site - - Even connects to disease-related support & discount drug programs.

The drug companies may actually be able to GIVE you FREE meds! I was broke once & qualified...Check with the drug mfg. of whatever you have been prescribed -& ask for SAMPLES if you are having a hard time paying for drugs - Also confer with your doctor about reasonable-costing meds - They don't always think of that when prescribing.

Do your internet research - In just a quick & easy search of resources for that 62-year-old, I found city-based resources, county-based resources, and food programs - They are THERE if you LOOK.

Remember that you must be somewhat aggressive & consistent in looking for support.  Don't give up at the beginning!  (For ex. disability SSI is routinely turned DOWN the first time.  You have to apply several times & it helps to have an advocate.  You can find advocates who will work on a contingency basis - that it, take the $ later from any lump sum payments - on the net). Perhaps you can get a friend or relative to advocate for you when looking for support.

It is very hard - I have been thru it myself - but with some doing, you, too, can get support!


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