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Checking in/fashion/the net etc.
Thursday, April 26, 2007

Haven't written for my blog in a while, altho I continue on in my thrifty ways, as usual...Had some $ so I splurged in my local church thrift shop & landed some great pants for $4/ea.  Ok, my secret is that I go look at the maternity rack there!  They have great pants with adjustable waists (no, I don't get the ones with the elastic fronts, these are pricey and have other adjustments...) and becaz of the category, they are hardly worn at all!  I haven't never had a waist even in in best times, and when I am chubby,well...And I always wear my shirts OVER my pants, so...

Now I am only confessing this to YOU, my fellow thrifty ones...Even if there is too much fabric at the waist, you can easily alter them & voilà! I don't know why the possessors didn't do that, but they were probably working out like mad & never wanted to see these pants again....Their loss, my gain.

I have also taken out the grey jelly bag in the fashionable satchel silhouette I got last year...and it's become my everyday bag now.  The black leather one I had been using was just too wintery....The jelly plastic may not last (I did in an orange one last summer) - but I paid something like $7 for it, so I really don't care...& ironically plastic is sorta in style this year - silver/grey - so I look good.  Also found for $1 a silver vinyl holder for my cell phone to go with the grey purse - I hooked it on the outside.  At the same dollar store I got some nice sunglasses for $1, too.  I was working around the corner - & I always check out obscure dollar stores, etc....

Yeah, believe it or not, altho I spend most of my days in jeans and sweatshirts or t-shirts, I do love fashion & try to keep up as I am able...Just little details make all the difference sometimes...a tip of the hat to what's going on...There is so much fashion info on the net now, you don't need to buy fashion magazines anymore - I used to just look at the pix, anyway...Another less thing to spend $ on...

There is so much on the internet nowadays - Well, you are HERE, so you know that.  I am careful not to fall for scams - 0nce burned twice shy - like the cosmetics companies that sign you up for automatic delivery for $50 after you just wanted the trail for $3.95!!  But there are discount sites that are legit.  I like - I was running out of eye cream, and got several tubes and some for night for $20 or so - which considering how much I would have paid for ONE at the drug store, was a good deal.  Now I am set for the next 6 months or so, at least.

And then there is my stock of samples.  I always have those on hand when I go off for the weekend - & if I run out unexpectedly...As I mentioned elsewhere on the site, I got involved in a bzz campaign & they sent me a full size of Aveeno's new moisturizer with shitake mushrooms & samples to give out & I must say it is good.  Much more moisturizing than the usual day moisturizer with sunscreen & it's a 30, too...Good for the boomer set.   I have coupons - but I wonder how much it is for real....

Oh, & had to have a zed card for the biz, and I am making my own! I have nice pix on the computer that wouldn't really stand too many more translations - but direct to the card, they are ok - & I found a very simple program - Aunt Agatha's album - which is meant for keepsake albums & has a free trial.  It is very easy to USE. I actually HAVE Photoshop - but it's too powerful for me to use most of the time.  And you can find free shareware or freeware programs out there for your simpler photo needs...It's amazing what you can find in those free categories....

I am also trying out an interested music learning program called Starplay - which is for beginning music students - it has feed back on tempo/pitch - sort of like a karaoke for the young music student - & very interesting...I am amazed at the uses they come up with.  They also have computer interplay at - where you can download sheetmusic....It's about $5/a song...

And I wrote in a lot to various websites on the whole Virginia Tech thing - it upset my terribly - & I still think the main issue is mental health & now our society only pays lip service to mental health services, whereas, it could do so much more...So I wrote & wrote & wrote...

As for mental health - let's go back to the net again.  There are SO many resources out there medically ....I like WebMD - If you do have some concerns - you are never alone - becaz day or nite someone is logged in...There are so many caring people out there -connecting electronically - Look at this place.  I love it!

See ya.





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