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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's very gratifying to see that someone has been reading my posts - I actually got complimented on my good ideas!  I WILL write all this down - that's a goal - I had a manuscript for one years ago - but now i see renewed interest in all this....Just got what I hope is a nice recorder (flute) on Ebay- my first experience with it - at a good price.  Research, research, research!!!! If I have gotten a good deal it is because I found a more obscure brand of recorder that has a good reputation - And I watched the bidding like a hawk. 

I can see how it can become addicting - buying on eBay - and how you can get sucked in into paying for things you are bidding on just out of the frenzy of the moment - But if you get a really good buy - it's worth it.  Where else could I have gotten such a good instrument at such a good price???  Now I am looking at music, too....

Maybe I will go into selling, too - I have collectibles to sell off - but Oh, the work - the pix & so on....Who knows?? 

Also found out that the old tube amp I got for $30 is a collectible & there is a whole mystique on tube amps.  Who knew?  (And my husband thought it was an old piece of junk - ha!)

Do you know this site gets 20,000 hits a day? Whew!


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