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Blog: Pam's Pennypinching With STYLE

Wkend Thrift/diy China cabinet

Monday, October 18, 2010

(Gonna start on my blog again - I had written a good bit & it somehow was EATEN by the computer & disappeared into cyber space - so I am going to attack the topic from another angle, as I can't bear just to try to recover the old post right now...)

Hubby & I have been cleaning out & rearranging the apartment - mostly the living room/dining room areas - and at an estate sale some friends had last Saturday I picked up on old 50's bookshelf with the blonde finish of that period  that I like. Or so I thought.  I went home & started to clean it with a strong cleaner & it took some of the finish off!  Turns out I had been duped by a very good 50's faux finish! Luckily I caught it in time - but I still have some white spots - so I dug out my refinishing pen and worked on coloring in the white spots. 

Hubby thought I should refinish the whole thing - but I am more of the let's-repair-the finish-so it's-good-enough type.  Not perfect - but since I am using the shelf to put on top of an oak credenza thing I have in the dining room (also from a yard sale) & there will be things on the shelves covering most of the spots, (& I am into shabby chic) it really doesn't matter much.  I got the idea because most "breakfronts" or china cabinets come in 2 pieces - the upper & lower - & am just jerryrigging it out of a shelf & a chest put together.

I am trying to go "up" in the apartment to maximize storage - & the shelf looks quite good on the cabinet - the woods are not too dissimilar - & somehow with the lighter finish on the tops it sort of works...And as I put things on the shelves like baskets (I am using a lot of baskets to organize little stuff) the white spots are barely noticeable! And now I  have tripled the storage space on the top of the cabinet. And I can move some items off the dining room table over to the cabinet. Yeah!

More about the estate sale tomorrow, I think....then I will feel less discouraged about the post that went away...

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