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Seating Areas in the Garden

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have six areas to sit in on My Little Farm in Town. When my daughter was too young to play outside alone, I spent a lot of time standing around (when I wasn’t gardening on my hands and knees). I soon became tired of standing or sitting in damp or prickly grass. Gradually, I began to add benches and chairs to the various parts of the yard in which we spent most of our time.

As the years and garage sale seasons passed, I added small tables to these areas and then wood chips and patio brick (with the help of my husband). As my daughter got older, I added outdoor fireplaces (chimineas) to at least half of these areas.  A couple seating areas have lovely views of farmland (we live near the edge of town), others face flower borders or my rocky shade garden, and I have potted flower gardens that border others.

Almost all of the chairs and tables came from the curbside or garage sales. I found enough patio bricks for two areas for 15 cents a block. It took me two or three trips to get them all home in the back of my trusty old Toyota Tercel (I loved that car), and about 10 years before we figured out what we were going to do with them! (I always know what things will come in handy—I just don’t always know when! It drives my poor husband insane.) The wood chips mostly came free from the town composting site or a passing tree service truck! I put cardboard that I collected from the local appliance dealer or scavenged from other sources right down on the sod and covered it with four to six inches of wood chips—instant seating area!

It doesn’t take much time or money to create a seating area for relaxing and enjoying Your Little Farm in Town! Begonia


Hosta Bench


You pay extra for the lichen at garden centers! This seating area is right by the chicken yard. Some of my friends like to sit here and watch the chickens when they come visit me.

In the Side Yard


This bench was the first sitting area I added to the yard. We used it to relax while the children played on the climbing toy when they were young. The wooden climbing toy has now been cut up and serves other purposes, and I use the bench to keep my husband company while he works in the area or when I want to sit outside and do things like trim beans and visit with passing neighbors.

Front Yard Seating


This area is shaded most of the day by a big blue spruce. Even on the hottest days, it is a pleasant place to sit. At night, the street light actually makes it a very private area, even though we are only 8 feet from the street! The light acts like a one-way mirror, you can see people on the street or sidewalk, but they can't see you!

Main Patio Eating Area


Main Patio Fire Area


We enjoy most of our fires in this area. All the chimineas are stored in the garage in the winter. I always plant this area with impatiens and other shade lovers. (I bought all the flowers for this area at a rummage sale this year for $6! They were the leftovers from an annual fund-raiser.)

Chicken Viewing Seating


These chairs are one of two areas with nice country views. This one overlooks my chicken coop and yard. We have a nice view of the ladies and the surrounding country.

View from the Chicken Observation Post


My Best View of the Country


This is a view from the seating area under our huge willow in the southeast corner of our backyard. (This tree is one of the main reasons I don't grow vegetables in the backyard.) This picture is taken from a bricked seating area that I don't have set up right now, so I haven't shown you a picture of it. It has the best view of the surrounding country when the leaves are on the trees!

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