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Friday, April 02, 2010

The weather has warmed and most of the seeds I planted earlier in the month have germinated and are growing well. My spinach and radishes were getting crowded, so I thinned them and will add the thinnings to my next salad! One area did not germinate at all. I have no idea what caused the failure—I just replanted. The result will be another batch of greens that will be ready for harvest while the plants in the other side of the frame recover. All’s well that ends well.

I opened the frame yesterday because we had a fairly warm day (50°F). When I went out to uncover the frame this morning, I found that we’d had a visitor the day before (MR. SQUIRREL). Fortunately, he hadn’t dug up any of the planted areas. I imagine he was looking for the black walnut I unearthed while planting the box!

I placed my repurposed plastic-coated wire screen over the frame after replanting and watering, and I’ll leave it in place. It will be no problem to water through the wire, and the window of the frame will stack neatly on top of it.

I’m looking forward to more warm days and maybe some rain. Soon it will be time to hook up the rain barrels to the house gutters again. The plants do so much better with rain water.  Begonia


Replanted and ready to grow!


I replanted my mesclun mix on the right side of the frame and watered. Should be good for microgreens in three weeks or so.

Thinning radishes


Plenty of germination in the radishes! I will do a final thinning when they are bigger. I use the young plants in salad or treat my chicken gals to an extra tender treat. Nothing goes to waste.

Cold Frame with screen in place


This ought to keep out Mr. Squirrel from now on!

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