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My Little Cold Frame: 2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We’ve had a run of warm weather (50s and 60s F).  Everyone seems to be out raking and piling branches by the street for the village guys to pick up. My daughter-in-law and I raked up branches dropped by our giant weeping willow from the neighbors’ lawns. We had a terrible ice storm at Christmas time that took down a couple of giant branches. My husband and son took care of most of the debris at the time, but there were still plenty of thin branches to rake after the snow melted. My back lawn is still a disaster area! I’ll be raking it a little at a time in the next week.

There is still no green grass to speak of, but the crocuses are blooming and the honey bees are busy. (I hope they have a warm hive to retreat to because winter isn’t done yet. There is always a big snow storm at the beginning of April before it finally settles down to being spring around here.) I am leaving most of my beds alone until I know it is really going to be spring. I don’t want to expose any new growth to the last severe freezes.

The cold frame has been anything but cold. I have had it open on several days. One day I was late getting out to open it and found the temperature reading 110F. (Bad gardener—no biscuit!) It is  propped open with two bricks today. I am watering regularly, especially the soil nearest the house. I have tiny sprouts coming up of mesclun mix and radishes. There is no sign of spinach yet.  

It isn’t truly Spring yet, but we are all appreciating this mild weather one day at a time. Begonia




The crocus are always the first things to bloom on My Little Farm in Town!



Spotting the first honeybee is like hearing the first robin--it just fills me with relief that the cold weather is just about done.



My cut-and-come-again mesclun mix is up!

My Little Cold Frame


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