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Planting Strawberries

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



I’ve thought about growing strawberries, read about growing strawberries, watched other people grow strawberries, and finally—I decided to actually try growing strawberries in our sunny front yard this year.  I knew enough about STRAWBERRIES by that time to choose everbearing  varieties because I wanted a more sustained harvest, the plants are supposed to be smaller, and I wanted them to spread out and hold the slope where I planted them. (I “contour garden” in that part of the front yard, so at least some of them were going to have to be “sidehill” strawberries!)

I turned to my county extension website for detailed culture information for my part of Wisconsin. Most states have this service.  In my county, you can access information on line and download a lot of it for free at .

I planted the strawberries in an area of the yard where I had previously grown tomatoes and peppers, though it is not recommended.  There should be some die-off of one of the varieties I planted that is not winter hardy—Tristar. Perhaps next year  I will plant carrots in that bed!

I have already nipped off the first flowers from the plants as per the package instructions. I am supposed to pinch off the flowers for at least 6 weeks in order for the plant to put its energy into growing leaves and roots rather than setting and developing fruit.

I really don’t know if this adventure in strawberries will bear fruit (groan), but it should be interesting.  Begonia



Bare Root Strawberries


We have a Jung garden center near us that sells bare root plants every spring for very reasonable prices. I like being able to choose a plant that is as strong below the ground as above (as in the case of trees and shrubs).

Planting the Strawberries


Planting at the Correct Depth


The packaging instructions indicated how deep to plant the crowns. It's important to read the fine print on the packaging.

Watering is So Important


Strawberries have shallow root systems so keeping the new plants watered is very important. Fortunately, we have been having lot of rain lately which has saved me a lot of work!

One Bed Planted Two to Go!




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