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Falling Off the Wagon: Homemade Donuts

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I really “fell off the wagon” on Halloween. All the kids were home, and I’ve been without an oven for almost six months now—so I decided to make apple cider donuts. I found a recipe on the web, bought a gallon of cider and a couple bottles of peanut oil, and we were in business.

There’s just something about homemade donuts (or fry cakes as they call them in this part of Wisconsin).  I have fond memories of being surrounded by good food and siblings with the smell of deep frying in the air. One of my older sisters liked to experiment making different foods. One year she made rum-flavored donuts (Sounds weird but they were really good.) on Halloween. We were living out in the country and didn’t go into town to Trick or Treat, so we had a family party with lots of special food instead.

My grandmother made donuts and had the kids sell them door-to-door in her neighborhood. It was one of the many ways she made money to make ends meet during the Great Depression. She cooked them in a cast iron skillet on her kitchen stove. (I don’t remember her making us donuts as a child, but I do remember her peanut butter fudge!)

We all enjoyed the donuts and donut holes. Here is the website address in case you would like to make some yourself:;jsessionid=D7605220F6DBC1CEDF8E0DBD318CB7DB?contentId=oct07

Here is a whole wheat baked version if I’ve made you desperate for donuts (That would be a good name for a band, don’t you think?) and you don’t want to deal with guilt over the fat—although I’m sure the carbs in this recipe will make up for it!

Enjoy! Begonia


Breakfast of Champions!




Apple Cider Donut


If I made these again I would add cinnamon to the sugar!


I may make this picture our Christmas card for the year 2010!

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