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Antique Yard sale Trail
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dave and I went on the antique yard sale trail this past weekend in the thumb print area of northern michigan..what could have been lovely weather turned out to be a day full of rain and cold and wet weather but that didn't stop us from getting some good deals..i spent a total of 13.00 dollars and this is the list of items i got as follows: 2 purses,  6 sweat shirts for winter, sony watchman tv am and fm radio, a walkman radio new in box, a phillips sonic tooth brush new in box, a water pic new in box, 6 books, 8 craft books, a lowfat cook book, a christain dior red sweater nice and dressy, 2 jars of estee lauder creme never used, a brush, revelon lipstick, jewelry a necklace and earring set and 5 pairs of other earrings, some anne klein perfume, and 5 boxes of never opened sugar free drink the free boxes i got a small brush for my purse a hair clip and some out door had held warmer, 8 plastic cups and 6 paper boyfriend got 3 pairs of mens under wear 2 car mats for his truck and a handicap portable potty chair for his mother all for 2 dollars..we stayed at the days inn and had free continental brak fast where i managed to get free soap, free coffee, free tea and ten pens and a roll of toilet paper, and free 6 packs of creme cheese and free packets of sweet and low..we brought a cooler and stocked it with free ice from the vending machine for the cooler and bought our food for the trip to save on eating out when i returned home the ice was still good and i loaded into the freezer to use for drinks so none would go to waste..

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city wide yard sale
Sunday, May 13, 2012

I went to a city wide yard sale in Livonia a rich part of town.  We got to the area a half hour before they opened some people were still setting up...but they say the early bird catches the worm and that is so true.. I got to one ladies garage and she had high end named purses like kate spade and coach..I love coach purses i bought 2 and got them for 8 dollars a piece a good price for is a coach carly bag black with signature c's on it..i emailed coach to find out if it was real or not and gave them the serial number and it was at one time it retailed for $358.00 its an older style coach and rare hard to find..The other bag is a coach satchel bag and its black with the signature c's. She had a tan one but it was really dirty wished i would have bought it and had it cleaned o well.  At another yard sale a lady had a table with earrings on it and i spotted 2 pair of earrings that looked like real gold and i bought them for 50 cents a piece and later when i got home i looked to see if it had any markings on it and found that it had 18 k gold markings so it was real gold i was surprised..I guess when you have alot of money you don't care what you sell at a yard sale or maybe the lady made a mistake when she put them out its real pretty hoop earrings with a heart on the end. Then there were the free boxes I got a camera with film still in it the kodak kind, exercises tapes, a mickey mouse key chain thats small that you can fit in your purse a sewing kit that will fit in your purse,, a motoralla cell phone, a book..I love looking at free boxes.. I also got some clothes for a quarter a piece and some books and vhs tapes for cheap...but the best deal of the day were the purses..I got another leather purse for a dollar its a tignanello...i like that brand name too..I love purses i can't have enough purses..but i like finding coach purses at yard sales especially if they are real..My boy friend was rummaging thru a box of old jewelry at his house and gave me the prettiest necklace with a locket on the end of it and i was looking at the clasp and it said 14 k gold i think he thought it was junk jewelry and i told him its nice if he wants it back it was his moms but he said i could keep it just have to find an extender for the chain i like my chains a little longer then it is already but i liked it it was a nice mothers day gift..

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Yard Sale Haul
Saturday, May 05, 2012

I went to some church rummage sales and regular yard sales this past weekend..They were hard to find since the season is not quite yard sale season yet but my boyfriend and i managed to find a few good ones.  The first place we stopped was at a church rummage sale we got there just before they opened and stood in line for 20 minutes it was mobbed with people.  I found a nice leather tignanello purse for $1.00 and some hair pins never used for 5 cents  and a tooth brush new still in the package for another 5 cents..The boyfriend took advantage of the coffee and donut deal for $1.00 why i looked around..that was all i found there but we went to another yard sale in a nice area of town and I found a red leather coach purse and older style one for $3.00. I just love finding coach purses at yard sales i love that brand but can't afford the high price. I found nice bars of facial soap in a free box and a city map and a visor to where out in the sun and a cereal bowl and small plastic box for sandwiches..There were a few free boxes but not too many..I went to one yard sale and was telling the lady that i was diabetic and she gave me some free diabetic supplies that she didn't need any more which was nice of her so i got that free too. I got a nice butterfly vase for a quarter and a real crystal clock for ten cents it just needs a few new batteries in it..I got clothes for a quarter a piece..I am trying to downsize my clothes since i have been loosing weight..I spent about 16.00 dollars and i have about 50 items to show for it and nice items too..I will be happy when yard sale season is in full bloom i can hardly wait..i tend to go to the ones in the rich areas of town you can find such good deals for a fraction of the cost..

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warm days
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The weather is starting to warm up nicely here in Michigan..I hope then end of snow is near and no more for the season..The local paper has the value world coupon in it again for 50 percent off..I found two  in the  trash yesterday and i hope too find more in the trash today. I take the coupons to all the different thrift stores and save 50 percent off my entire purchase..I like to take extra coupons and pass them out at the store too to share with others thats why i dig in the garbage cans for them when the coupon comes friend calls me and lets me know when it come out so i can look for a few for her too...The vacuum cleaner died the other day i ran over a nail on the carpet..I was worried i would have to buy a new vacuum cleaner but my handy boy friend came over and took it apart took out the nail and glued the plastic back on where it was busted now vacuum cleaner is good as new..we also scored some cheap vacuum cleaner bags at our local thrift store. So we dont have to reuse the old vacuum cleaner bag any more but we did get about a years worth of use out of one vacuum bag and some duck tape..I have been on a diet too loose weight too so i need new summer clothes for summer. i bagged up all my old clothes and gave them to friends who were thrilled to get some clothes. I don't throw clothes out there is always someone who needs clothes. I ordered a vegan book on ebay i am thinking of giving up red meats and becoming vegan for my over all health.

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garbage can finds
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I went down to the garbage cans by the mailboxes in my mobile home community and found coupons for my local thrift store for 50 percent off.  I found 11 coupons which i will pass out to friends who enjoy the thrift store as much as i do.  I went to a friends house the other day and she had a bag of goodies for me it was filled with some denim capris and outfit and some jeans and some tubes of lipsticks that she didn't want..I like getting clothes for free just as much as buying them at my local thrift.  i cleaned out my freebies drawer in my bedroom and i have over 200 free samples that i got off of have a freebie coupon  now for tena pads for free my friend printed two coupons and got two big bags of those pads for free. in my mailbox i had free coupons for baby cereal and food that i will probably give to a friend who has a baby.  I went to bath and body and took advantage of their 75 percent off sale and got some bath spray shower gel and lotion all in a basket for $3.75 i bought 2 baskets they are the travel size but big enough to take with me on vacation in the summer. I just love bath and body products...

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wintry days
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hi all hope people are keeping warm these wintry days..i have been using my heat blanket and space heater more to keep warm. I have also been dressing very warm and wearing my hat in the house.  I have been dialing down on my heat and trying to do others things to keep warm. The gas company sent me a letter on  my budget plan stating that next month its being lowered to 31.00 dollars a month because i have a big credit on it from the budget plan..I am happy and surprised it will be nice to pay less. by the way i keep my heat about get use to it after awhile but it was a bit chilly in the beginning.  So how is everyone doing with bargain hunting? I scored some crab tree and evelyn soap at the thrift store for a dime..2 tubes of lipstick for 40 cents a piece and a nice coach purse for 1.80 but it had a broken handle that my boyfriend fixed..I got some puzzle pieces in a box for 60 cents to make puzzle earrings with.. I ordered some cold processed soap off the internet for 16.00 dollars and the lady sent me alot of extras to go with it so the soap ended up being about a dollar a bar..if you are a home made soap lover like me you will know thats a good price.  I can't believe how much home made soap has gone up its quite expensive now adays. just thought i would get on here and say hi to all the bloggers on thrifty fun maybe some of the others will write i like reading everyone blogs been missing it the only one who seems to write on a regular basis is pam...well i guess people are busy..been checking the paper waiting for my favorite thrift to have a half off coupon hope fully soon..the lady at the store said sometime in february so i have been waiting and watching the mail..been getting loads of freebies off the freebie websites i have 2 big boxes full of stuff that i use when we go on vacation...

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after christmas deals
Saturday, December 31, 2011

The big deals are after Christmas. I took advantage of bath and body's boy one get one free deals. They had their 8 ounce perfume sprays for buy one get one free for 12.00 so that's like getting them for 6.00 a piece they are regularly before Christmas 20.00 a piece. i like sweet pea that's my favorite one. also they had their 12.00 8 ounce lotion for 3.00 i got 2 of them and they are nice and creamy lotion good for putting on your hands and body after  a shower or just any time. It was their signature line products too. i went in their in the morning to buy it and then went back later in the evening to get a couple more bottles and the store was packed and the items were going quickly glad i went back or i would not have been able to get what i wanted. The deals are better after Christmas any ways before the holidays everything is so high. i love their products but they tend to be on the high side so i always wait til after the holiday to get what i want.  i also went over to my favorite thrift store value world to see what they had and i looked thru their cosmetics bin and found 2 new avon lipsticks in a nice light shade for 40 cents a piece i like a nice lipstick and i thought that was a good deal. i went over by the purse rack and got really lucky i found a coach purse for 1.80 it had a broken strap and thats all that was wrong with it i grabbed because i knew my boyfriend would be able to fix it hes very handy i put a picture of it under my photos if you want to look at it its very nice for that cheap a price and i love coach purses i wish i had the money to go to macy's and buy them brand new but i can't afford that..

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yard sale haul
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hi haven't been on here in awhile but have been yard saling..i recently bought a mint coach signature c bag at a yard sale for $12.00 i was thrilled since i have never owned a real coach bag before in such good condition..i also bought a room size oriental rug for $3.00 that had some spots on it but my boyfriend cleaned it nice with dish soap and got the spots out  it really looks nice in my living room and was a great buy for 3 dollars..i have seen ones like it sell for a few hundred dollars in the store so i was  quite please to find it..i happened into a church rummage sale yesterday and got a nice blouse and a shower curtain and some bath salts all for a donation of 50 cents..then at another yard sale i ended up with a free tube of clinique lipstick..also pay attention to those free boxes at yard sales i snagged a free rotary phone yesterday..i love old phones and this one was in good shape..lately i have noticed at yard sales that the  cost of getting items has gone way up and people dont seem to want to barter especially on books...the   books for a quarter are getting harder to come by but i did get some for 10 cents a piece the other day. the weather is starting to turn cooler here now and i have been researching the internet on ways to make a mobile home warmer in the winter...i have old blankets that i am going to reuse as window treatments for the winter to keep the windows warmer i seem to loose alot of heat out the windows..and i did get a good deal on a ceremic heater for my computer room for 3 dollars..the knob was brok off but my boy friend fixed it for me and it works good..

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city wide yard sale
Saturday, April 16, 2011

The neighboring city had their early city wide yard sale this weekend.  I went on Friday with my boyfriend.  There were alot of garage sales out there but the best score came from the thrift store inside Saint thomas church.  They had $2.00 dollar bag day.  I managed to stuff 10 shirts and a pair of pants and a night gown into a little plastic bag.  Then they had hangers the plastic kind i got 36 of them for a quarter.  They are handy for hanging clothes. I went to another yard sale and scored some home made soap for 25 cents a  bar.  I like home made soap store  bought is too hard on my skin.  Lately i have been seeing the home made kind at yard sales and thrift storesOn the internet it sells for $ 6.00 a bar.  The cost for stuff on ebay is high so i am glad when i can find soap at a yard sale.

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saving on the gas bill
Saturday, March 26, 2011

I opened my mail box and got the gas bill to discover that i had a credit from my budget plan for 2 months free  gas  and a letter informing that they would lower the budget plan to $38.00 dollars a month a big drop from $99.00 dollars a month so i guess dialing down the temperatures is the way to go.  Even tho its cold here i have been keeping my heat at 60 degrees and i wear warm clothes. I rather pay less than more so with the new budget plan my cost of living in my mobile home is $300 for rent $38.00 for gas and electric and $10.00 for the water bill. I don't know where i can live for $348.00 a month with utilities that is cheap for michigan.  I will actually be able to start putting some money away for a car now.  I hope the cost of gas does not go any higher.

I went to the thrift store by my boyfriends house yesterday. i had a coupon for 50 percent  off and i got alot of new clothes for spring and alot of the clothes still has the price tag still on them from when they had been bought brand new.  i was happy about that i also bought a coach purse for $10.00 dollars in pretty good condition and it will go good with my new spring clothes.  i have been making room in my closets for my new spring clothes and bagging up my old winter clothes for the good will.  i need to buy some more hangers for my clothes.  the best place to buy hangers is at yard sales.  i guess i could buy some at kmarts for now.  we are starting to have garage sales already here in michigan.  i went to an estate sale the other day and it really had alot of people there i bought some body butter by the body shoppe for a dollar but there were so many people there it was hard to look around.  i will be glad whe the weather warms up and i can go to more yard sales.

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thrift store coupon
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The value world 50 percent off coupon came around in the mail again. i hit the trash baskets by the mail boxes in my mobile home community and came up with several coupons that i passed out to other friends that had not received one in the mail. they were suppose to come in the inserts in the mail but not to everyone i suppose.  I can't wait to go to the local thrift store on thursday and see what deals i can get for 50 percent off.  I went to the thrift store last week and found a brick of cold processed soap for 95 cents it had about 10 bars in the pack nice soap. and some body made it from scratch.  I don't use soaps bought in the store to harsh on my skin.  I ussually have to buy homemade soap off ebay and sometimes it can get expensive and lately the cost of their soaps has gone up. I was happy to find that soap at the thrift store it was odd i have never seen cold processed soap at a thrift store before.  I  must have been meant to have it then.  The weather in Michigan is starting to warm up finally our temps are heading into the 40s.  I am happy, the cold weather burst several of my pipes and that cost a fortune.  My boyfriend gave me $200.00 dollars for valentines day to put towards the cost of getting it repaired.  We didnt have much of a romantic valentines day his money went for repairs but it was sweet of him to help me out. We stayed in and watched tv.  I got a card from bath and body to get a freebie from the store once a month til may.  I love their sprays and lotions. So far i have gotton free spray lotion and shower gel and free soap for the bathroom. its a nice card i got it off the freebie website. i get alot of nice stuff off the freebie web site.

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Thrift Store Deal
Thursday, January 20, 2011

I went to the thrift store today and came out with a nice leather purse for a quarter and a nice moniitor for my computer a flat screen samsung for $7.00.  I love going to the thrift store to go shopping.  Every thursday i go thrift store shopping with my boyfriend last week we hit the salvation army and i got 11 summer shirts for 99 cents a piece.  That was a good deal and the shirts are very pretty i was very pleased.  I went to my doctors today.  He knows i don't have insurance and he sees me for $20.00 an office visit.  He is a kind and caring doctor but what i am happy about is he gave me a phone number to a place i can get some health insurance for free.  I am really excited about it and i am going to check it out on monday. The weather has been really cold in Michigan i haven't been out much except for when i go to the thrift store.  I will be happy when summer time comes again and i will be able to go to garage sales hopefully the cost of gas won't be sky high in the summer.  The cost of gas now is around $ 3.00 here some a little less and some places higher.

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christmas Shopping
Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have been shopping around for an electric blanket with my boyfriend. We had just about giving up hope finding one in a  king size but they had them at Meijers and we got a king for the price of a twin because the stock boy had marked it wrong and at the register the girl gave it to us for the twin price and took off another 20 percent because it was on sale so our electric blanket was had for $39.99. the original sale price for that size was $89.99. We could not believe our good luck. I had been praying for an electric blanket as my mobile home gets cold in the winter. I tried it out last night and i was warm and toasty.  This will save on my heating bill a little because i can keep the heat at 60 at night and have the blanket on for a couple of hours and turn it off it stays warm if you do it like that. i had been reading other posts on here about keeping warm and one woman wrote how she  wears her scarf in the house to keep her neck warm i tried it and it works.  i wear long johns under my sweats to keep warm but my neck was still cold but not now.  So that is a good idea. We are expecting a couple inches of snow here today in Michigan won't be able to get out and do much I will be working on craft projects I started a new oil painting the linseed oil that i use the cap was stuck on it and my boyfriend had to pry it open for me i am glad he got it open its a big can. I buy it in bulk because its expensive i can use it with my wood burning projects to it makes a nice finish on a piece of wood and gives it a nice gloss..well i thought i would stop and put a Blog up here it has been while.  I went to a high end thrift store in a good area with my boyfriend and got 2 pair of jeans for 99 cents a piece. and i found a nice leather purse for $1.50 that's about all the bargains i have come across lately. Haven't done much trash picking because of the weather.  People throw better stuff away in the spring.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hi all Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving...

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free food day
Saturday, October 23, 2010

I had a coupon for a free pizza, and i went and got it and took it to the park with my boyfriend. we stopped at our local A&W and got free root beers with our two coupons that we found in the trash can by the mail box in our mobile home park.  so we had  lunch  out and enjoyed the nice weather at the park. after lunch we headed to our favorite local thrift store value world i went towards the clothes and the boyfriend headed for the electronics department after a few minutes of browsing he called my name and directed me over to a counter which had a down comforter for ten dollars i grabbed it up it was in good condition never used. we took it home and put it on the bed and it must be king size since it fit our bed. i had been looking for one of those for weeks now and the price was just right. down comforters run about two hundred dollars for a nice one. the only place you can get one around here is in the mall at jc penny's. i am happy and it is so warm. i am looking for an electric blanket to maybe i will get lucky at good will. i like to wrap up in it when i am sitting at my computer. my old one that i had for quite a few years doesn't  work any more. the weather is starting to get cold here. yesterday my boyfriend took me to a thrift store about an hour from where we live. we wanted to go on a drive but i wanted to look at winter coats. we went and i found a red wings winter coat for  five dollars in extra large tall it fit me perfectly. it was worth the drive up there. there was a kmarts right next to the thrift store and we looked at the cost of coats there and they wanted sixty dollars. so i got a deal there even with the cost of gas to drive there it was still cheaper.

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a and w coupon
Saturday, October 02, 2010

The local A and W here had coupons in the circular for a free float it came in the mail. i live in a mobile home park and we have waste baskets by the mail boxes most often people throw out mail there they do not want. i went around to all the waste baskets in the park and came up with 6 coupons for the free floats. i went to the A and W with my boy friend and got two free floats and the 99 cent hot dog for a cheap lunch. i have been to quite a few yard sales lately. Yesterday i got a ceiling fan for my living room for $3.00 dollars and the boy friend installed it free looks quite nice the stores around here want almost $80.00 for one. so that was a nice find. At another yard sale I got some Avon products new in the box for 25 cents a piece. I took the time to look it up in their Avon book to find out that the face creme I got sells in their book for $32.00 dollars. The lady was an Avon Representive and she just wanted to get rid of the last of her stock. I couldn't believe it when she said it was a quarter. There were 4 boxes and i grabbed all four. and she threw in some Estee Lauder creme for free. I am a diabetic so I often look for supplies at yard sales I found some pickers to draw the blood for 50 cents for 300 of them still new in the box. The lady also had books for 1 cent a piece and rug doctor cleaner for 20 cents a piece never used. I went to an estate sale and bought a big bottle of Murphy's oil soap for 50 cents that still had the price tag on it for $4.00 dollars a bottle just a small amount had been used. I love the smell of that soap when i clean and it can be expensive in the stores. I snagged some herbal soaps for 25 cents a piece and a lotion gift set for 25 cents new never used. I like buying lotions at yard sales that way you can get some expensive brands to use for a fraction of the cost. i got some face wash i like Clinique and Lancome products and i ended up with some for a quarter. The face wash makes your skin so smooth way better then any soap product i have ever used.  I love yard sales and i will be sad to see them go as the weather is getting colder. Then it will be back to the thrift stores for bargain hunting. Now i am in the process of trying to winterize a mobile home. So I will be going over to the thrift store by were we live to look at what they have in stock. The salvation army is the cheapest but i like the value worlds too. Thrift stores are great for the many items you can get on the cheap side. I found a family doctor on the cheap side with office visits for $20.00 i am happy and he informed me that i can get my sugar pills at meijer's for free with a prescription. I was happy to hear that because i am on a tight budget and free is the best way to go any day.

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elks rummage sale
Saturday, September 25, 2010

I went to the Elk's rummage sale on there just before they closed.. I went in and an old man handed me a box and said fill it for $3.00 dollars. There were ten tables full of clothes and another twenty tables full of knicknacks and all sorts of goodies. At first i didn't think I would find enough to fill the box but I did with the boyfriends help. For three dollars I got clothes, pillowcases, a lace table cloth, books, , Christmas ornaments. socks, and hats  for Winter..I can't wait to get into my box and look at all that i found. it was the best deal all day and the last place we stopped. I didn't know ahead of time that it was the end of their sale. but glad we stopped.

Earlier we went to some yard sales and i found some nice knit gloves for winter for 50 cents a piece. and some pretty necklaces for 50 cents a piece. i believe one of the necklaces was real gold it is an old timey locket its pretty. When i go yard saling i try to go to yard sales out in the country a bit and stay away from city yard sales the ones in the country offer more of a variety and you can get some unique items. I also got a lavender perfume set for $3.00. I thought it was a bit pricey but my boyfriend said to buy it because it would be more at the store and i do like perfume. it was in a box and never used. i also got four nice mugs at that yard sale for 5 cents a piece. i like thick mugs for my hot chocolate in the winter. The weather is starting to get cold here in Michigan I think we are in for an early cold snap have been busy trying to find warm clothes before it gets any colder. The temps really dip in the low teens here in the winter makes it hard for me to get out side and go shopping. I don't have a car and i have to walk every where i go unless the boyfriend is here he ussually drives me. I wonder if anyone on here has any ideas on how to keep a trailer warm in the winter. I love in a mobile home  its nice but it can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

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Frugal Living
Monday, September 13, 2010

I went to a yard sale this past weekend , I found a tube of lipstick for a quarter. I needed new lipstick and it was new never used.. Makeup is always a good find for a quarter. The best finds were had in the free box. I found  two magazines, a pill box, two working flash lights all for free. I like free items and more and more when i go to a yard sale i tend to stop at the free box. Sometimes better stuff is in the free box.

I live a very frugal life more for necessity than for pleasure. i like saving money but sometimes it can get frustrating..i buy all my clothes from thrift stores or yard sales. I can't remember the last time i bought something new but used stuff seems new after you bring it home and wash it up. This is a way of life for me and has been for a lot of years..I am a big trash picker to i find great stuff in the trash but its hard sometimes to get past the stairs of others who don't trash pick..Last summer i found a box of old records someone had thrown out and i sold a few of them on ebay and made a nice profit..i am looking for the ultimate find in the trash or at a yard sale that might actually  be worth some money..i have friends who buy cheap at yard sales then sell high on ebay and other internet sites..I too did the ebay thing for a while but the fees got so carried away i stopped selling but one winter i made  four thousand dollars on the stuff i found at yard sales and in the trash..but boy it was alot of work but i had fun doing it..I wish i could find another site like ebay but with out all the fees..

I am just about finished with my mystery novel, I got the book at a yard sale for a dime bought 8 books that day. I don't think the lady ever read them because the books looked new and had no marks or spots in them..I thought that was a good deal as books can be pricey in the store.I sure hope I am not boring any one to death its been along time since i have written a blog. i went to the thrift store looking for winter clothes and i got some nice sweaters with designer labels for a dollar a piece. I do love the thrift stores great for clothes..

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