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Blog: Frugal Living

My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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wintry days
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hi all hope people are keeping warm these wintry days..i have been using my heat blanket and space heater more to keep warm. I have also been dressing very warm and wearing my hat in the house.  I have been dialing down on my heat and trying to do others things to keep warm. The gas company sent me a letter on  my budget plan stating that next month its being lowered to 31.00 dollars a month because i have a big credit on it from the budget plan..I am happy and surprised it will be nice to pay less. by the way i keep my heat about get use to it after awhile but it was a bit chilly in the beginning.  So how is everyone doing with bargain hunting? I scored some crab tree and evelyn soap at the thrift store for a dime..2 tubes of lipstick for 40 cents a piece and a nice coach purse for 1.80 but it had a broken handle that my boyfriend fixed..I got some puzzle pieces in a box for 60 cents to make puzzle earrings with.. I ordered some cold processed soap off the internet for 16.00 dollars and the lady sent me alot of extras to go with it so the soap ended up being about a dollar a bar..if you are a home made soap lover like me you will know thats a good price.  I can't believe how much home made soap has gone up its quite expensive now adays. just thought i would get on here and say hi to all the bloggers on thrifty fun maybe some of the others will write i like reading everyone blogs been missing it the only one who seems to write on a regular basis is pam...well i guess people are busy..been checking the paper waiting for my favorite thrift to have a half off coupon hope fully soon..the lady at the store said sometime in february so i have been waiting and watching the mail..been getting loads of freebies off the freebie websites i have 2 big boxes full of stuff that i use when we go on vacation...

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