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My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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christmas Shopping
Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have been shopping around for an electric blanket with my boyfriend. We had just about giving up hope finding one in a  king size but they had them at Meijers and we got a king for the price of a twin because the stock boy had marked it wrong and at the register the girl gave it to us for the twin price and took off another 20 percent because it was on sale so our electric blanket was had for $39.99. the original sale price for that size was $89.99. We could not believe our good luck. I had been praying for an electric blanket as my mobile home gets cold in the winter. I tried it out last night and i was warm and toasty.  This will save on my heating bill a little because i can keep the heat at 60 at night and have the blanket on for a couple of hours and turn it off it stays warm if you do it like that. i had been reading other posts on here about keeping warm and one woman wrote how she  wears her scarf in the house to keep her neck warm i tried it and it works.  i wear long johns under my sweats to keep warm but my neck was still cold but not now.  So that is a good idea. We are expecting a couple inches of snow here today in Michigan won't be able to get out and do much I will be working on craft projects I started a new oil painting the linseed oil that i use the cap was stuck on it and my boyfriend had to pry it open for me i am glad he got it open its a big can. I buy it in bulk because its expensive i can use it with my wood burning projects to it makes a nice finish on a piece of wood and gives it a nice gloss..well i thought i would stop and put a Blog up here it has been while.  I went to a high end thrift store in a good area with my boyfriend and got 2 pair of jeans for 99 cents a piece. and i found a nice leather purse for $1.50 that's about all the bargains i have come across lately. Haven't done much trash picking because of the weather.  People throw better stuff away in the spring.

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