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My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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yard sale haul
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hi haven't been on here in awhile but have been yard saling..i recently bought a mint coach signature c bag at a yard sale for $12.00 i was thrilled since i have never owned a real coach bag before in such good condition..i also bought a room size oriental rug for $3.00 that had some spots on it but my boyfriend cleaned it nice with dish soap and got the spots out  it really looks nice in my living room and was a great buy for 3 dollars..i have seen ones like it sell for a few hundred dollars in the store so i was  quite please to find it..i happened into a church rummage sale yesterday and got a nice blouse and a shower curtain and some bath salts all for a donation of 50 cents..then at another yard sale i ended up with a free tube of clinique lipstick..also pay attention to those free boxes at yard sales i snagged a free rotary phone yesterday..i love old phones and this one was in good shape..lately i have noticed at yard sales that the  cost of getting items has gone way up and people dont seem to want to barter especially on books...the   books for a quarter are getting harder to come by but i did get some for 10 cents a piece the other day. the weather is starting to turn cooler here now and i have been researching the internet on ways to make a mobile home warmer in the winter...i have old blankets that i am going to reuse as window treatments for the winter to keep the windows warmer i seem to loose alot of heat out the windows..and i did get a good deal on a ceremic heater for my computer room for 3 dollars..the knob was brok off but my boy friend fixed it for me and it works good..

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