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thrift store coupon

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The value world 50 percent off coupon came around in the mail again. i hit the trash baskets by the mail boxes in my mobile home community and came up with several coupons that i passed out to other friends that had not received one in the mail. they were suppose to come in the inserts in the mail but not to everyone i suppose.  I can't wait to go to the local thrift store on thursday and see what deals i can get for 50 percent off.  I went to the thrift store last week and found a brick of cold processed soap for 95 cents it had about 10 bars in the pack nice soap. and some body made it from scratch.  I don't use soaps bought in the store to harsh on my skin.  I ussually have to buy homemade soap off ebay and sometimes it can get expensive and lately the cost of their soaps has gone up. I was happy to find that soap at the thrift store it was odd i have never seen cold processed soap at a thrift store before.  I  must have been meant to have it then.  The weather in Michigan is starting to warm up finally our temps are heading into the 40s.  I am happy, the cold weather burst several of my pipes and that cost a fortune.  My boyfriend gave me $200.00 dollars for valentines day to put towards the cost of getting it repaired.  We didnt have much of a romantic valentines day his money went for repairs but it was sweet of him to help me out. We stayed in and watched tv.  I got a card from bath and body to get a freebie from the store once a month til may.  I love their sprays and lotions. So far i have gotton free spray lotion and shower gel and free soap for the bathroom. its a nice card i got it off the freebie website. i get alot of nice stuff off the freebie web site.

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Thrift Store Website Coupons and Sales
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 | By begonia

Most of the bigger thrift stores around here have websites. They post coupons on their sites for you to print out and bring redeem. The St. Vincent De Paul stores run special sales every month and have instore specials as well that they advertise on their websites.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 | By pamphyila

The thriftstores around here don't seem to have coupons - but they do have sales! As you see, it always pays to look for odd things at a thriftstore. So I always look in nooks & crannies.

thrift stores
Saturday, February 19, 2011 | By attic_treasures

Ya, that is true. You can always get good deals at the thrift store. My favorite are yard sales in the summer. I can hardly wait til summer.

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