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Blog: Frugal Living

My blog is about saving money and living as cheaply as possible..

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Thrift Store Deal
Thursday, January 20, 2011

I went to the thrift store today and came out with a nice leather purse for a quarter and a nice moniitor for my computer a flat screen samsung for $7.00.  I love going to the thrift store to go shopping.  Every thursday i go thrift store shopping with my boyfriend last week we hit the salvation army and i got 11 summer shirts for 99 cents a piece.  That was a good deal and the shirts are very pretty i was very pleased.  I went to my doctors today.  He knows i don't have insurance and he sees me for $20.00 an office visit.  He is a kind and caring doctor but what i am happy about is he gave me a phone number to a place i can get some health insurance for free.  I am really excited about it and i am going to check it out on monday. The weather has been really cold in Michigan i haven't been out much except for when i go to the thrift store.  I will be happy when summer time comes again and i will be able to go to garage sales hopefully the cost of gas won't be sky high in the summer.  The cost of gas now is around $ 3.00 here some a little less and some places higher.

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