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warm days
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The weather is starting to warm up nicely here in Michigan..I hope then end of snow is near and no more for the season..The local paper has the value world coupon in it again for 50 percent off..I found two  in the  trash yesterday and i hope too find more in the trash today. I take the coupons to all the different thrift stores and save 50 percent off my entire purchase..I like to take extra coupons and pass them out at the store too to share with others thats why i dig in the garbage cans for them when the coupon comes friend calls me and lets me know when it come out so i can look for a few for her too...The vacuum cleaner died the other day i ran over a nail on the carpet..I was worried i would have to buy a new vacuum cleaner but my handy boy friend came over and took it apart took out the nail and glued the plastic back on where it was busted now vacuum cleaner is good as new..we also scored some cheap vacuum cleaner bags at our local thrift store. So we dont have to reuse the old vacuum cleaner bag any more but we did get about a years worth of use out of one vacuum bag and some duck tape..I have been on a diet too loose weight too so i need new summer clothes for summer. i bagged up all my old clothes and gave them to friends who were thrilled to get some clothes. I don't throw clothes out there is always someone who needs clothes. I ordered a vegan book on ebay i am thinking of giving up red meats and becoming vegan for my over all health.

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