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after christmas deals
Saturday, December 31, 2011

The big deals are after Christmas. I took advantage of bath and body's boy one get one free deals. They had their 8 ounce perfume sprays for buy one get one free for 12.00 so that's like getting them for 6.00 a piece they are regularly before Christmas 20.00 a piece. i like sweet pea that's my favorite one. also they had their 12.00 8 ounce lotion for 3.00 i got 2 of them and they are nice and creamy lotion good for putting on your hands and body after  a shower or just any time. It was their signature line products too. i went in their in the morning to buy it and then went back later in the evening to get a couple more bottles and the store was packed and the items were going quickly glad i went back or i would not have been able to get what i wanted. The deals are better after Christmas any ways before the holidays everything is so high. i love their products but they tend to be on the high side so i always wait til after the holiday to get what i want.  i also went over to my favorite thrift store value world to see what they had and i looked thru their cosmetics bin and found 2 new avon lipsticks in a nice light shade for 40 cents a piece i like a nice lipstick and i thought that was a good deal. i went over by the purse rack and got really lucky i found a coach purse for 1.80 it had a broken strap and thats all that was wrong with it i grabbed because i knew my boyfriend would be able to fix it hes very handy i put a picture of it under my photos if you want to look at it its very nice for that cheap a price and i love coach purses i wish i had the money to go to macy's and buy them brand new but i can't afford that..

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