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city wide yard sale
Saturday, April 16, 2011

The neighboring city had their early city wide yard sale this weekend.  I went on Friday with my boyfriend.  There were alot of garage sales out there but the best score came from the thrift store inside Saint thomas church.  They had $2.00 dollar bag day.  I managed to stuff 10 shirts and a pair of pants and a night gown into a little plastic bag.  Then they had hangers the plastic kind i got 36 of them for a quarter.  They are handy for hanging clothes. I went to another yard sale and scored some home made soap for 25 cents a  bar.  I like home made soap store  bought is too hard on my skin.  Lately i have been seeing the home made kind at yard sales and thrift storesOn the internet it sells for $ 6.00 a bar.  The cost for stuff on ebay is high so i am glad when i can find soap at a yard sale.

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