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saving on the gas bill
Saturday, March 26, 2011

I opened my mail box and got the gas bill to discover that i had a credit from my budget plan for 2 months free  gas  and a letter informing that they would lower the budget plan to $38.00 dollars a month a big drop from $99.00 dollars a month so i guess dialing down the temperatures is the way to go.  Even tho its cold here i have been keeping my heat at 60 degrees and i wear warm clothes. I rather pay less than more so with the new budget plan my cost of living in my mobile home is $300 for rent $38.00 for gas and electric and $10.00 for the water bill. I don't know where i can live for $348.00 a month with utilities that is cheap for michigan.  I will actually be able to start putting some money away for a car now.  I hope the cost of gas does not go any higher.

I went to the thrift store by my boyfriends house yesterday. i had a coupon for 50 percent  off and i got alot of new clothes for spring and alot of the clothes still has the price tag still on them from when they had been bought brand new.  i was happy about that i also bought a coach purse for $10.00 dollars in pretty good condition and it will go good with my new spring clothes.  i have been making room in my closets for my new spring clothes and bagging up my old winter clothes for the good will.  i need to buy some more hangers for my clothes.  the best place to buy hangers is at yard sales.  i guess i could buy some at kmarts for now.  we are starting to have garage sales already here in michigan.  i went to an estate sale the other day and it really had alot of people there i bought some body butter by the body shoppe for a dollar but there were so many people there it was hard to look around.  i will be glad whe the weather warms up and i can go to more yard sales.

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