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Well Back To Dieting and My Life After Christmas!
Saturday, December 30, 2006

I did gain weight, but not too much. I am still losing. My moving helped me exercise a lot. I am in Mesa now. I just got here. I drove thru the night to get here in two and 1/2 days. I sold all I wasn't taking with me. I also loaded it for the buyers as well as sold it to them. I have a lot of weight to go yet. It is a nice day out tomorrow, so I may go to the pool in the next hotel over area. I just got my stuff dropped off at my relatives. It is covered in their huge shed. What I didn't take with me to the motel. I have a microwave and small ref. It is a double occupancy room, and they charge me for a single, as long as I only use one of the beds. I do. Believe me I don't have the money for two bed occupied pay. I have a wonderful view of the mountains in the distance. The housekeeper bought my car, so I will bus it from now on. I did need the extra money, and she needed the car.

I intend to get a job as a housekeeper too. Just at hotel and not at a motel. They pay more per room. I intend to only work parttime. This will help me keep more of my SSI. I am not like the some who don't report their income. I intend to keep my SSI, so I report any and all income I get on the side. Housekeeping is a good way to lose weight to I have discovered that the past couple months. Well here is to staying fit in 2007. Happy New Years all!

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Friday, December 15, 2006



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Merry Christmastime
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Merry Christmastime is playing a game with me. It pokes at my depression bit by bit. I am cheerful when I am shopping, but when I get home watch out here comes depressive time for me. I guess church will have to cheer me up too. I will need it this year. I am in high anxiety too. I am moving the first of the month. I just fixed my place up for Christmastime with a lighted angel, lights of all colors, and decorating the tree with homemade popcorn balls & gingerbread men & strings of cranberries, a lighted garland around my door, and window snow spray since there is no snow outside yet. Hard to believe since this is Northern Minnesota and winter started several weeks ago. This has me depressed since I have to pack and take down plus clean by the 1st of January. That will be all packed away and shipped to Arizona in Mesa where I have family, since I will be on my own and not with them. I am staying in a shelter there til I get an apartment of my own. This is the only way I can do it. Otherwise I'm here in depressive misery with RH arthritis. I will be very happy when I am in warm Arizona. I will be careful when selecting an apartment as my SSI budget is small. This is how I intend to cheer myself up this year.

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Hurrying the Last Minute i.e Days!
Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well this weekend is a busy one. I am no longer getting married as the plans just didn't work out. We split. He went south. I stayed here. I will go south to Arizona in three weeks for New Years week and three months. He is going to Alabama this month.

What I am doing to distract myself this weekend is that I joined my church choir for a Christmas Music fest. I will be singing and practicing. This ought to do it. My broken heart will mend. I know this is true. My brothers girlfriend will be giving birth this week. I will also distract myself with the baby and fussing over them all. I love to fuss over my family, especially my nieces and nephews. Christmas really is for children and the young at heart.

I am also making my own cards with a computer program. My own decorations for Christmas too. Popcorn balls decor for the tree. Candy canes made from cherry syrup and sugar. Dried cranberries to string like garland. Gingerbread men that have dollar store bought gum drops for decorations on the men and then placed on a string for the tree to eat later at Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I have a couple of ribbons that I am making little bows to tie at certain places on the tree. I have tested all the lights and they work, so I will string them this weekend too. It really is last minute to days before Christmas.

Well have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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I live in Minnesota, and I am a published author of poetry On-line. I have a hubby, and several children. I shop with coupons, and I willingly take several classes On-line thru AZU. I have several degrees, and diplomas. I am a crafting person, and I live for Octoberfest not for the beer, but the food is great too. I am mix mutt of heritages. I love to shop at thrift stores, and garage sales/yard sales. I live a green lifestyle or try too.

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