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Blog: Frugal And Tightwad Tanya

My blog is about how I live a frugally and tightwad life here in Minn. My finds that are frugal. My style of tightwaddery and thrift. It's about my frugal and tightwad family.

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Living Thru a Crisis!
Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The heat wave struck us and we about died. Thank goodness for our several fans and A/C plus all the water we bought at the local warehouse on sale last week. It was 2 for $5 per pack, so we bought several packs plus several more jugs. This week we filled the bathtub with water from the jugs, and then made ice cubes in the freezer. I put three trays in the bathtub with ice in them. Good thing we did the next day the heat wave struck and three of my children had to spend the day in the cool bathtub. They looked like cucumbers, and my pets had to be wetted down several times during the day with cold packed cloths. I closed all the window shades. Turned on the bathroom and living room light til we had a blackout then candles were lit, and I opened the door. We drank water like crazy. We basically had to get down to our undies in order to not die of heat stroke. We then all got into our swimsuits after a while and put the pets in the kiddie pool we set up in our living room, then left for the pool in the next building rushing between buildings. We got there and spent the afternoon in the water ourselves. When night came and it was cooler. We went home to find the waterlovers of pets never left their pools lapping as they sat in their respective water areas. They were grinning at us as we walked in the door. I opened all the windows to air the place out, and also get some cool air too. It wasn't much, but it was enough. I changed the water which was back on in time to dump what was left of the kiddie pool down the tub too. I then ran more water enough to soak out feet in and not much more. I even got the garbage can out to the trash with the milk that spoiled in the heat. We pretty much lost the contents of our fridge. Tomorrow we have to go to the store again meaning the food pantry. Well we lived thru it without losing anyone. Here is to hoping we live thru the next. Arizona may be hot, but holy molley I never knew it could get that hot like the other day. Several thoughts are going thru my head this week. Should we move to a cooler yet warmer state, or should we stay put? Should I send my dogs back to Minnesota, or should I keep them here? Well here is to surviving another summer.

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Tanya39 (Contact)
About Me:

I live in Minnesota, and I am a published author of poetry On-line. I have a hubby, and several children. I shop with coupons, and I willingly take several classes On-line thru AZU. I have several degrees, and diplomas. I am a crafting person, and I live for Octoberfest not for the beer, but the food is great too. I am mix mutt of heritages. I love to shop at thrift stores, and garage sales/yard sales. I live a green lifestyle or try too.

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