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My blog is about how I live a frugally and tightwad life here in Minn. My finds that are frugal. My style of tightwaddery and thrift. It's about my frugal and tightwad family.

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Budget NO More!
Friday, November 17, 2006

The word budget has no meaning to me as I have replaced it with a new concept called my spending plan! I always felt deprived with my my shopping daily budget. I would say to myself it's not in the budget this month. I would also say this to the teller at times and feel ashamed to be poor. No more. The words are now spending plan which I have made up, so I don't feel deprived. I know where every cheap source is in town, and I stick to shopping there. My spending plan has it all written down. What I can afford. What is a need and a want that can wait til later. It all has a category.

I keep a spending journal too, so I can see where my money went to that day. This way of thinking came from Creative Living on I keep a way of making my spending work for me in my favor and not the other way. Budgets are great for people who aren't poor like me, but rich like the Mayor of a town. Spending plans are for the poor and common people of our country. When I used to feel down because my budget wouldn't let me spend money on something I wanted. I just say oh well and sulk. Now I don't sulk. I am happier too when shopping as I now know I can be happy anytime I need something or want something. I can have both plus not feel guilty or deprived. Well let's do away with the word budget everyday and replace it with spending plan today and from now on. OK.


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Making Things To Survive!
Sunday, November 12, 2006

I made a new winter scarf and mittens. I sewed the inlining and knitted the outlining and scarf. I knitted the lining and outer material to gether using a needle and yarn. I am a good seamstress and kniter, but when it comes to  making a dress or top. I suck at it. I have made potholders and pillows. I can't follow a dress pattern, and my bust size makes it even more difficult. I can learn I guess cause I learned to knit and make pillows. I am just lazy when it comes to measuring my own bode. Oh I can I just don't want to at times. My sewing machine and I have an agreement. I don't do long sewing projects and it doesn't maim me. LOL I know sewing machines can't talk. Haha. It seems that way though. Everytime I attempt a long project my sewing I end up sewing more than the fabric this includes my sleeves, finger tips and clothes.

The mittens and scarf I made will get me thru to the time I have to leave for the south. I hope to be in Arizona at the end of the year. I will use my sewing skills to make summer bandanas. I have plenty of jeans, sweaters, and shorts with tanks. I will love it in Mesa, AZ.

I also make decorations for my home now. cross stitching pictures is some of my skills, cozies for toilet paper rolls, afghans, wool stockings for Christmas with a Santa on them, and other needs for my home like rugs. Braiding rugs is like crocheting. It's easy and fun. If someone could tell me how to get a real simple pattern and material? I would like to try my hand at sewing out fits again. I will need it there since I don't shop at Wal-Mart for clothes from the factory. I would very much like to become an expert at clothes sewing for the men in my life too. I will need to make things to Survive down there as well as here, since my income is still low at $603 a month. This has to support me includes rent and utilities. I have released the noose around my neck by selling my trailer/mobile home. I have only what I get from Social Security and my wits to make things to survive on my own. The making your own lifestyle has real appeal to me. It is one I intend to live while living frugally and tightwad life. Well any ideas is always good I say. Even the far out ones. Welcome to my frugal life and tightwad life too.

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This Blog Brought to You by Frugal and Tightwad Tanya: Food Ideas
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well here are some ideas for cheap meals from the dollar store:

Dollar store pasta in a bowl or bag with dollar store pasta sauce.

Mac-n-Cheese in a box

Salad in a box

Chow Mein


Bread for 99 cents

Pasta meals in a box

Pasta in a can

Veggies in a can from dollar store

Box of mashed potatoes cheap brand

Gravy in a box from dollar store



Juice boxes

There are Jellies and Peanut Butter of all brands

These are some ideas there are others from Jiffy too in  the grocery stores that aren't dollar stores. Like I said I am a dollar store junkie. I need food to stay alive. They all keep me alive both the grocery store down the street. The food pantries and dollar stores. Now in my economic financial crisis. I hope some of this helps people out.


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My Frugal Life!
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Since, some people on this site abused the posting priviledges by posting six to seven posts when we are only supposed to post 5 total max on this site a day. I am giving you all my link to this site. If any want to comment on my posts that you see. I am allowing them now. I was unsure how to do it before now. You can see my other new posts at my link, as they were knocked off by her posts this month.

Well living just keeps getting harder and harder these days. I have quite my job, so I get my full SSI income back now to $603. a month. I was going to get $453.77 next month, but I called them to complain and the Social Security Administration said to quit my job, because I am not suppose to be working. Well I told them off. I said what little I got from my parttime job was to cover just a tiny bit of luxury like scented soap from Bed, Bath & beyond for a Christmas present for my brother's new live-in girlfriend who just happens to be having his baby as well I got the baby a gift too.

I wasn't told about the pregnancy til last month and she is due next month. It was short notice I know my brother and his girlfriend are busy, but geez could they have told me this summer when we were together in July. She got pregnant in April or late March, so they knew and told no one. Even when I asked for everyone's Christmas list of last minute things to buy as I was getting a job to cover bills until the noose of a trailer around my neck sold.

Well anyhow back to what they said about what I told them. They said too bad.

Well I was going to quit anyway, because I go South every winter to Texas or Arizona, USA, but this year was my last year here in my beloved home state and birthplace Minnesota. My arthritis has gotten to the point where I can no longer stay here period. I just have to quit earlier than expected. I sold my car, and I have enough money for set up on an apartment down there including the dang pet deposit. Can you believe mobile home parks charge pet deposit for homes you are owning on COD (even inside pets like cats)? I am not someone who's going to leave in the middle of the night. I intend to stay, and live frugally in either state. I am seriously leaning towards Arizona as I have cousins there. 

I think one can live tightwad and frugally anywhere in the USA. I just have to become a ninja sensa on my finances right now I am a black belt not a master of ninja saving on life's tightwad and frugal living. I think a bus driver in New Jersey by the first name of Kenneth has the mastery down. I read a clip on him in a book called The Super Coupon Shopping System, by Susan Samtur. It is an old book from the 80's but still around on ebay and I never used to think of myself as a nonmaster of frugal and tightwad Tanya living, but I guess I still have a lot to learn. One thing I always say learning is the best part of each day. Well this blog was mainly a gripe and link notice to all who read this blog sorry about griping. I have had a bad month or two. I wish you all happy holidays.

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How Do I Live On my Income!
Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well to be truthful. I can't say that my income is better than any other even with a job that is parttime. SSI is cutting my check even more due to some Secretary at my work messing up my income report to them. It will be $453.77 next month enough to pay my rent and a few bills that's it. I have to cut out cable TV and car insurance which means no car.

This is what I am doing. I am going on extreme tightening of belts. I am making my food from scratch, eating at free soup kitchens, eating at relatives, making my food benefit card from the state stretch, and shopping at dollar stores and thrift stores for everything I need in life. I go to a social club for food, conversation, free entertainment, and education on Nutrition. I do my laundry there for free too. I do have to sign up to do it while waiting I visit with friends.

I will be frequenting the food pantry too. I shop for Christmas all year long and I have a gift box where all my gifts go into for family. I am staying home to watch DVD's and videos. I make my money stretch to the max and Tighten my belt. It is still going to be below poverty level, but I am going to make it thru this tough time. Even if I have to give up my apartment and move in with family who want me. My lease expires next month so I have to then to decide. I am not worried one bit. Some would be in my situation, but not me. Well this is how I am living on my Income this month. I will be getting the Thanksgiving food basket this year after all. I will need it.


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Sunday, November 05, 2006

This year I can get a Thanksgiving basket. I am going to pass it up. My family has decided to be decent to me. We are going to a buffet restaurant in town a couple days before Thanksgiving. I am not cooking nor is my mom. This year I have something to be grateful for in the respect of getting rid of a noose around my neck in the form of my trailer. I sold it to a nice family. They are fixing a remodeling it, so I am happy. I also get to see a Thanksgiving play at my sisters house in the form of my nephews and nieces are putting it on for the family. It is going to be a cute costume one. I can hardly wait. My diet may be out the window, but on the bright side my dad can't make a scene in public on a holiday gathering with my grandma, sisters and their families, brother and girlfriend, and my parents and me, or can he? Let's hope not. I hope for a great holiday with no depression episodes from me. I don't want to spend Christmas in the hospital again. I did that one year, and it was sad too, but it was happy because I wasn't around my father for the holiday. I am very easily upset. Too sensitive you could say. This comes from years of emotional abuse by my father. I wish for a happy holiday that holds wonder and surprise and love. I know I deserve it this holiday season. Well anyhow Happy Thanksgiving from me to all who read this blog.


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Cheap Sources For Books!
Sunday, November 05, 2006

I love reading. I am a book junkie as well, it's my fix as well as thrift stores and dollar stores. I read any book I can get my hands on I go to Barnes and Noble book store and read too. I buy from the discount shelves 90% of the time unless I have a gift certificate.

Thrift stores are another good source. Second hand book stores are a good trading place for sorting thru a lot of books that you no longer read. You can get new books that are used this way. Cheap books are found at library sales of books and stuff as well.

I, also use books as research into what readers want to read from the new shelf at the library, so I can write what readers want to read and make money from books as well. Right now I am reading research on fertility what women can do sort of thing. I write on the simple stuff as I am not an expert in the medical field. I do read social books and write on them, as well I have a Social Science Degree. I love to read text books as well. Used text books can be found on college bulletin boards at the library there.

I may even discover the joy of books on tape, so I can read and drive/ride at the same time. Books are in my life to stay I guess you would say. Let's make it a reading day everyday.


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My Lucky Find!
Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well I was with my mom the other day. We were shopping our regular thrift stores route when my mom told me about an antique and thrift store all in one. This store has sleds from the old days like the ones you would see on old labels. It has wood burning old stoves for the kitchen and living area. It has tons of knick knacks that are antiques. Stuff that's collectible, regular dishes, Army clothes, Marine clothes, and other Armed forces gear. Old doll houses still in pristine condition. rocking horses, bouncy horses, and tons of books. It is a lot crowded I would say overcrowded. The prices there are cheap compared to what you would pay off ebay way cheaper. I would say 90% cheaper. They even have farming antiques in real good working condition cheaper than what you'd buy on ebay too.

Other finds I got that day was a $2 bag purse that was made to look old out of denim, but it was brand new paper still in it with what I found in the paper an original price tag they overlooked for $34.99. The price was in side the paper whomever priced it didn't take the paper out, so they wouldn't have seen it fall out. It didn't stink or anything moldy like. It smelled brand new. Some person didn't like it because it didn't have a coin area inside the purse. Hey have they ever heard of a wallet for ladies? That is what these purses use. Now I can take pop, candy, and popcorn in a bag from home to the movies, as my theatre doesn't check purses just coat pockets. I won't have to pay for pop, candy. or popcorn at the theatre for two to three to five years if I keep my purse in good shape. Thank goodness I know how to sew, and it is washable.

I also found an expensive picture frame from a department store. The package was torn, and it was never used. Nothing was broke off on it, It had little garden and kitchen things glued to make it look pretty for $2 total. In the store I would have had to pay $15 and up. Perfectly new except for the torn package. Even the box it came in at the store was new looking. No dents or tears/creases. I plan on giving it as a gift this christmas. The best find of all spending time doing what I love with my mom that was free.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

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My Way!
Saturday, November 04, 2006

Every so often I diet hoping to lose pounds and be miracle thin again. Well it always ends up the same. 10 pounds lost that I can't keep off. What do I do now? I eat sensibly, and exercise by walking indoors at highschool gym. I don't go back for seconds, and I use my left overs for the next meal when cooking. I eat before I go to a grocery store, so I am not hungry and buy all junk food. I cut back on junk food to healthy junk food. Low fat chips, dip, and salsa. I eat more salads when out at restaurants. I chose the salad bar as my meal instead of main menu combo. McDonald's now has salads that are healthy. They added chicken to their salad menu. It may not be on the dollar menu there, but it's good for those not on a budget like me. I  plan to be on this diet for a year. I weighed in this month. and I will weigh in again in two months down the road. Already lost seven pounds this month with exercise and diet. I am now aiming for 10 pounds by he end of the year. I am being realistic in not expecting more weight lose as it is the holidays and I do love chocolate. Then again show me a woman who doesn't love chocolate and I will show you a duck who doesn't like bread crumbs. LOL!  Anyway my goal is to get down to a healthy 125 pounds for me. I also go to a farm and walk with my dogs for exercise. My point is doing it is better than saying it. I already feel healthier in my body. My back aches a tiny bit less. My psychy is a little happier too. Make it a contest that way you will have fun is what I always say.

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Silly Halloween Joke!
Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joke-------How many skeletons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Answer---------None. They are skeletons, not people and not alive anymore so can't screw in a lightbulb.

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