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Shoe Box Treasure Chests
Wednesday, April 14, 2010


With Mother's Day around the corner,I am starting our projects-I have 3 more little ones to include,there are 5 kids living here,6 when my 12 yr old stays the night/weekend(he is staying with other family members),so right now we are making "treasure boxes/chests"to hold our own supplies. We each got a shoe box (boxes where top can be removed is best)and decorated it-some with tissue paper,some with paint,stickers,etc...they had a blast,it kept them busy for about an hour,between finding stuff to put on and in the boxes and decorating them,as soon as all 7 are complete-I will post a picture.

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A place for everything...
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Okay so now that I am in one room with hubby and two younger kids,finding space was no fun,but I did it-not by choice :)  First I hung some clothe shoe organizers,one for hair gel,brushes,toothpaste,deorderant,perfumes,etc...the I hung one with less but bigger pockets for misc toys,diary's,etc..Then I hung a canvas organizer,I think it was for sweaters or something,there I keep towels,pj's- sweatshirts,slippers,etc. I made mini hanging organizers out of  a shower curtain for school supplies for two younger ones,and one for socks,boxers,undies,etc-It's starting to look more like a storage room than bedroom,but hey-if it works,don't fix it!

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Sticking Together
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's been awhile since i've been online,or to this site-Things have been going from bad to worse-my landlord's house(the one I was renting) got forclosed on,what a freakin nitemare for us! I am currently staying w/ my cousin,from a three bdrm house to a room in the basement isn't a picinic,little ones have to get up at 5am so they can be dropped off at a friends house to catch bus,so they don't have to switch schools,that's costing me,then paying board where we are is costing me-how the hell can I save to get my own place......Things have to get better,don't they?


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free phones
Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You can get a free phone from,just fill application and see if you qualify,it is COMPLETLY free,I got onr-you get 80 minutes every month,it is a basic phone-nothing fancy,but hey,beggars can't be choosers right?

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Homework/Craft station
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now that my little ankle-biters are in school,it is time to get organized,Again, It is taking me sooo long this year to get it together,I just started our"homework" area,it is serving as a craft area also. I have a dry erase board(my kids HATE the board, I use it for the star chart-the each earn a star for doing certain things,my 7yr old has a hard time getting up and going to school-so,if he does it,without me having to fight with him..he gets a star,same for bedtime,chores,homework,etc...They each have to earn AT LEAST 15 stars to get a "prize" on Friday,I always try to put stuff they like/want in the prize box,the more stars,the better the prize. They have 3 chances before the "Mega Bitch comes"out and grounds them,three checks= day grounded. This is a true and tried method i my house,I stopped the board for one month and my kids were little monsters-alot of it is because (shame on me) I am so one of those moms who make empty threats"Your grounded" etc,with the board,I say once more you get a check-if I say "your not going out after school-I write it in their block and am more likely to stick to it.This is the third year with the board,It works.  I have magnatized paint on a small sectio og wall and magnet strips for chores this year,this wa I can just move the chores around. I am working o the actual work desk/area,ther are three of them so the little space I have-has to have some privacy for each,I am trying to make it comfy,their own spot to do homework,we'll see what happens,when and if it ever gets completly done,I will put up a picture.

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Hit the Sales
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I spent five bucks this morning and got a ton of school stuff,CVS(for one) has a huge bin of school stuff for 50 cents-mini staplers,pens,pencils,post its,sharpeners,erasers,notebooks for 1.25,so I got all kinds of good stuff,that I of course put in a shoebox. CVS has a great clearance bin-once a week I go and check it out-they don't advertize it,I literally stumbled on it. By December,in my house,everyone needs new supplies,I am one step ahead of the game.

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Little Tid Bits
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a few tips and tricks...                                                    To get the last of the sauce out of my spaghetti jar,I spoon the cooked noodles into the jar,swish it around and dump it into bowl.                                                                         To cut an onion-cut both ends off and slice skin from end to end,downward.                                                              To break head of lettuce-slam top on counter or cutting board-pull core out,tear into pieces.                              Bitter Cucumbers? slice off ends and rub the top in circular motions-do both ends,rinse and slice.                                 To chop garlic,slam top on counter,break a clove off,cut ends off and make slice from top to bottom,longway and peel.

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The "Save Me" Box
Monday, August 17, 2009


This has saved me on more than one occasion.....I have a box of "goodies", Extra's, regifts,etc...I put everything and anything in there,lotions,candles,toys,anything that you buy on sale,things given to you-that you'll never use,etc,with it is wrapping paper,tape,bows,bags,cards....when one of my kids hits me with a birthday party,or I forget a birthday,whatever the reason, I am always ready with "THE SAVE ME" box,A girl I use to know gave me the idea,she had a craft box with things she "might need",so I went further and made a "SAVE ME" box, Trust me,you'll thank yourself one of these days.

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Buy Now,Save Later
Monday, August 17, 2009

Wal-mart has all their school stuff on sale,buy Crayola crayons for 25cents-I bought each some for school,and each for stocking stuffers,same with pens. For their folders,I go to dollar store and buy the 4 for a buck,then before school they decorate them.I also buy two real cheap binders,(one for now,one for later)then they print/cut out pictures they want and put them in the plastic on very front of binder. I also ALWAYS hit the clearance rack for summer clothes and buy a size bigger for next year,that saves me a to of money on summer clothes,just remember to pack summer clothes away with a few dryer sheets ,so they don't smell musty. I buy a ton of flip-flops at end of summer. I will do anything to save a few bucks.

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Hello All,I am Sherry-a.k.a. Moonseekerjade-I am the mother of five....married for 16 yrs,I like to find creative things to do with kids,ages 18-7,My family calls me "Frugile Franny",kids tell me I am "ghetto" because I come up with some crazy/cool idea's. I love nature,takin pictures,doing crafts. I am a home body,down to earth kinda girl.

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