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This blog is about everything,anything,nothing-tips,tricks,bribes for the youngens, there will be a littlebit of everything here,Some really good tips bout organizing,cooking,cleaning-saving,spending,you know,,,all those motherly,wife type things we must endure!

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Hit the Sales
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I spent five bucks this morning and got a ton of school stuff,CVS(for one) has a huge bin of school stuff for 50 cents-mini staplers,pens,pencils,post its,sharpeners,erasers,notebooks for 1.25,so I got all kinds of good stuff,that I of course put in a shoebox. CVS has a great clearance bin-once a week I go and check it out-they don't advertize it,I literally stumbled on it. By December,in my house,everyone needs new supplies,I am one step ahead of the game.

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Buy Now,Save Later
Monday, August 17, 2009

Wal-mart has all their school stuff on sale,buy Crayola crayons for 25cents-I bought each some for school,and each for stocking stuffers,same with pens. For their folders,I go to dollar store and buy the 4 for a buck,then before school they decorate them.I also buy two real cheap binders,(one for now,one for later)then they print/cut out pictures they want and put them in the plastic on very front of binder. I also ALWAYS hit the clearance rack for summer clothes and buy a size bigger for next year,that saves me a to of money on summer clothes,just remember to pack summer clothes away with a few dryer sheets ,so they don't smell musty. I buy a ton of flip-flops at end of summer. I will do anything to save a few bucks.

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Onset, ma usa
About Me:

Hello All,I am Sherry-a.k.a. Moonseekerjade-I am the mother of five....married for 16 yrs,I like to find creative things to do with kids,ages 18-7,My family calls me "Frugile Franny",kids tell me I am "ghetto" because I come up with some crazy/cool idea's. I love nature,takin pictures,doing crafts. I am a home body,down to earth kinda girl.

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