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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Okay so now that I am in one room with hubby and two younger kids,finding space was no fun,but I did it-not by choice :)  First I hung some clothe shoe organizers,one for hair gel,brushes,toothpaste,deorderant,perfumes,etc...the I hung one with less but bigger pockets for misc toys,diary's,etc..Then I hung a canvas organizer,I think it was for sweaters or something,there I keep towels,pj's- sweatshirts,slippers,etc. I made mini hanging organizers out of  a shower curtain for school supplies for two younger ones,and one for socks,boxers,undies,etc-It's starting to look more like a storage room than bedroom,but hey-if it works,don't fix it!

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Hello All,I am Sherry-a.k.a. Moonseekerjade-I am the mother of five....married for 16 yrs,I like to find creative things to do with kids,ages 18-7,My family calls me "Frugile Franny",kids tell me I am "ghetto" because I come up with some crazy/cool idea's. I love nature,takin pictures,doing crafts. I am a home body,down to earth kinda girl.

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