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Blog: Mama's Madness Blog

Homework/Craft station

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now that my little ankle-biters are in school,it is time to get organized,Again, It is taking me sooo long this year to get it together,I just started our"homework" area,it is serving as a craft area also. I have a dry erase board(my kids HATE the board, I use it for the star chart-the each earn a star for doing certain things,my 7yr old has a hard time getting up and going to school-so,if he does it,without me having to fight with him..he gets a star,same for bedtime,chores,homework,etc...They each have to earn AT LEAST 15 stars to get a "prize" on Friday,I always try to put stuff they like/want in the prize box,the more stars,the better the prize. They have 3 chances before the "Mega Bitch comes"out and grounds them,three checks= day grounded. This is a true and tried method i my house,I stopped the board for one month and my kids were little monsters-alot of it is because (shame on me) I am so one of those moms who make empty threats"Your grounded" etc,with the board,I say once more you get a check-if I say "your not going out after school-I write it in their block and am more likely to stick to it.This is the third year with the board,It works.  I have magnatized paint on a small sectio og wall and magnet strips for chores this year,this wa I can just move the chores around. I am working o the actual work desk/area,ther are three of them so the little space I have-has to have some privacy for each,I am trying to make it comfy,their own spot to do homework,we'll see what happens,when and if it ever gets completly done,I will put up a picture.

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Incentives & Chores
Friday, September 25, 2009 | By pamphyila

Good for you! Whatever gets the kids up & organized. My husband works with under-privileged kids whose mothers don't even manage to feed their kids cold cereal for breakfast - so they go to school hungry, which is not good. And when it's pointed out that breakfast is essential for better learning, they just shrug their shoulders - alas...

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Hello All,I am Sherry-a.k.a. Moonseekerjade-I am the mother of five....married for 16 yrs,I like to find creative things to do with kids,ages 18-7,My family calls me "Frugile Franny",kids tell me I am "ghetto" because I come up with some crazy/cool idea's. I love nature,takin pictures,doing crafts. I am a home body,down to earth kinda girl.

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