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Ohhhh the cheapest thing I did this week!
Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh I did the ultimate cheapskate move and I'm kind of embarassed - lol.  I have been unemployed here in the Great State of Michigan since June so not that embarassed!

I needed parmsaen cheese for a recipe but only a 1/4 of cup.  I was driving by a combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and quickly went into their empty drive thru.  I got up to the window and said that my husband and son had recently went through and didn't get their parmasean cheese packets for their breadsticks and that they called me and asked me to get it on the way home. 

The bad thing is, I don't have a husband or a son!  They were very gracious at Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and gave me six packages and I had my 1/4 of a cup of parmesan cheese.  I did base my whining husband part on my ex-husband.  I do go that Taco Bell a lot so I don't feel too bad!

On the upside, I made this delicious pizza

Today I made a delicious pizza pie.

1 roll of phyllo dough
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1 sliced red onion
3 thinly sliced Roma tomatoes
Melted margarine
Parmesan cheese

Thaw the phyllo dough per package directions.

Layer one piece of the dough, brush on some butter and the parmesan cheese, repeat layers for 20 sheets. I buttered every other layer of the dough.

Sprinkle crust with mozzarella cheese and then a layer of the onion and then a layer of the tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Bake at 375 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes or until cheese is melted and the dough is golden brown on the edges.





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Oh No I have BEAR Problems!
Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oh Dear!  I have statuary problems, I cannot quit taking bad pictures with them!


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Beach Christmas Ornaments
Monday, August 24, 2009

Last week I was in Florida and checked out how cute all the starfish ornaments were.  I was too cheap to buy any so I bought plain starfish and sanddollars for $.49 each.  I came home and found some ribbon to glue on the back and I am going to find a ponseitta pick and take it apart and glue to the front of the shells.  Much less than the $5.99 asking price at the gift shops.


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Pink Sparklettes & Bento Boxes
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

After reading about Bento Boxes on many stay-at-home mom sites I decided that it would be a great thing to try with the Pink Sparklettes.  They loved them, especially when I equated a bento lunch with a happy meal, that they understood. 

We made rice krispie treat "sushi", butterfly shaped bologna sandwiches, pineapple/mandrin orange kabobs with yogurt dipping sauce. 

They really enjoyed working on the their lunches for the next day, the girls were all planning on sitting together and eating their fancy lunches that were all the same. 

As soon as I find my cord for my camera I will upload some pictures of their cute Bento Boxes.



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Walgreen's Babbling Part Two GRRRR!
Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've been to four Walgreen's on different days and different times trying to get some of their coupon items.  All of the stock people never know whether they have any in the back, they won't even bother to look.  This has happened four times to me this week!

On the other hand I did grab two of the Ragu Spaghetti Sauces at 2 for $3.00 with a $.50 off coupon and I did stack two coupons and the ad for French's French Fried Onions and got them for $.49.   

This time I went to Walgreen's in a Foo-Foo area where people don't buy anything with coupons especially at a Walgreens, except I still can't find that $.39 chicken stock.  Yes I make it sometimes, but I never seem to use it or it leaks so I like stocking up when it is a good deal. 

I did the survey for Walgreens but they didn't allow a place where I could complain about their not having sales items, but they must be aware of it because it was one of the first questions on the survey.  Maybe I'll win the $3,000 gift card - lol.  I enter all kinds of contests and have yet to win one yet, sometimes I think I should send away for the list of winners just to make sure.  LOL!


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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It seems everytime I go to Walgreen's no matter what time of the sale or day of the week they never have the items!  I've been to three Walgreen's since Sunday looking for some of the $.39 chicken stock.  GRRRRR!

On the other hand, I did get two Colgate toothpastes (with attached new toothbrushes) and two taper candles for Thanksgiving for the grand total of $1.97 after my couponing coup!

Check out my savings receipt of $6.64 - lol.  (Wow that would be geeky frugality at its highest)

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That Bobo
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well that Bobo has come back to Michigan.  He is staying with me.  He has done a lot and brought me a lot back from Florida.  It is really nice.  I really missed him.  Its like we weren't seperated at all.  I'm holding out on some of the stuff for now, I'm afraid of being hurt again. 

He brought me a rubber boat and paddles, something personal, he has fixed up my kitchen a little bit, bought and put in a new waterpic for my shower, has made me delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  We went on a "date" and took a walk along the river and went to a flea market. 

He lets me keep control of the remote control!



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Free Things This Week
Friday, November 09, 2007

$6.99 tin of popcorn

$2.99 Ghiradelli Chocolate Bar

$8.00 MJR Movie Ticket (had to donate 5 cans of food)

$1.06 Drink from Speedway

$2.50 Chicken Rings from White Castle

$.99 Combos

Total:  $22.53 of free merchandise and services.  That is great couponing if I do say so myself.  I'm begining to love reward cards and bonus points! 

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My Great Couponing Coup!
Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh my little frugal heart is beating so fast today. 

I got two coupons from and got two 46 fluid oz juices.  I got the new kind with fruit and vegtable mix (grape flavored $3.19) and another grape ($3.09). 

While I was getting my free coupons I walked by the 50% off rack and there was already cooked frozen shredded meat for $2.49! 

I also got a free magazine for the guys at work today from Coke points.  I walked by a grocery store bin and someone had 8 coke boxes with the coke points on them still.  That was a free $8.00 subscription.

I also got a coupon from Kmart to get a free back of candy valued at $2.79 or less. 

So all together I paid $2.74 and got $19.82 worth of free merchandise! 





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Pressure Cooker
Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been using a pressure cooker lately.  I'm really enjoying.  I like cooking fast and on high heat!  I always was afraid to use one but loved it from my childhood when my grandma used it.  I used to think it was dangerous cooking from watching it explode one time, but now they are totally safe! 

This morning I put in a frozen piece of clearance rack meat ($1.19) added some sliced onions, green pepper, soy sauce, leftover 1/2 jar of salsa and spices.  In about 1/2 hour while I was busy getting ready for work I made a delicious lunch.  (I also had some rice going on the stove too). 

It smells so good sitting here at my desk, maybe I'll have a little taste!

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Why Didn't I Think of That?
Friday, September 14, 2007

I've moved into the townhouse and I love it!

One of the things I love that is so simple is that there is a second rod for the shower curtain liner.  I always soaked the floor and the shower curtain for years.  Why didn't I think of a second rod?  It is so simple and convenient and keeps my bathroom clean!  I guess the obvious does escape me sometimes.

I've only painted the kitchen so far.  I want to live in it and see how I want to paint it, I want to see how the light plays out, etc.

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That Bobo
Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I know my old posts about the Bobo have been deleted since they are old.  Here is an update. 

We were very happy here together in Michigan, but he got a mid-life crisis and moved to  Florida.  I went there a few times, but didn't really care for it.  He wanted me to move there but I wouldn't so he broke up with me. 

Months and months go by, but we still email at least once a week, and today I get this email message that says:

I would like to come visit in the fall, if I do, could I stay with you. 

Then I wrote back about he would have to sleep on the couch. 

He then wrote back he was thinking of moving back to Michigan. 

I never got over him, I didn't date since we broke up.  I've thought about him all the time.  I'm kind of excited, but don't want to get my hopes up. 



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Open House Party
Thursday, August 30, 2007

I want to have an open house so my friends and family came come see my new townhouse.  There will be a 50th birthday celebration of the city I live in.  I was planning to use the fact that there is a band from the 70's that will have a concert there to make tickets for the party.  I mean invitations that look like concert tickets.

I figure that way people can come and go, I will have some drinks, food (appetizer and chips, etc.) It is within walking distance of my house, everyone will be able to hear the band then. 

What other types of things can I do?  Check out the picture of the invitation and tell me what you think, or give me some ideas on what to serve.



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Rush Concert, Party
Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tuesday night I used my Secretary's present from my work.  They bought me tickets for Rush.  I had to wait a long time to get to use it, but I had such a great time.

I went by myself and walked around and flirted. I love going to concerts by myself it is so fun to look around and dance like you don't know anyone!

I'm almost all settled into my lovely townhouse.  I painted the kitchen and have most of that moved over.  The furniture is in and a lot of boxes are unpacked. 

I have to clean out the apartment tonight and get the rest out and I'm outta there!

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The Simple Dollar
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have been reading The Simple Dollar blog for a while now.  I read about it on someone else's blog and am now so intrigued by it, I thought I would share it. 

It is a very well written blog with lots of financial tips.  It is my favorite now! 

I recommend this great web site.

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Lovin' Home Ownership
Monday, August 20, 2007

Well I love the townhouse.  Everytime I walk in the door it is beginning to feel a lot more like a home.  I slept great last night there, it was cold and rainy and great for sleeping!

I got the kitchen painted and repainted and repainted again after I tore off the painters tape.  I spent $25 on canned goods yesterday to start re-supplying my pantry.  Its nice to have a great big closet to have as a pantry. 

I still have the storage closet and some other stuff to move into it though.  Its been raining all weekend so I haven't moved much into it. 

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Painters Tape
Thursday, August 16, 2007

This morning I pulled off the painters tape from off the very hard to paint soffit and some of my paint came right along with it.  GRRRRR! 

I kind of laughed at myself and will have to redo that again tonight.  Even with the painters tape I still smuged places.  I know that practice makes perfect but I haven't had to tape and paint in a long time so its like I'm starting over a new skill!

The other places look great.  I didn't do that great of a spackling job either, but luckily I will be hanging pictures in the exact same spot that they did.

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Paint Drying
Thursday, August 09, 2007

Last night I painted my kitchen.  The paint sample said it was Sutters Butte (which of course I immediately started calling it Sutter Butt).  The color is supposed to be a nice tanish color, but my goodness last night it sure looked orangy-peachy to me.  I hope it dries the color I want.  It looks nice on my skin where, I missed places in the shower this morning.  I must be the messiest painter, I hardly get it on the floor, etc, but I seem to be covered in it!

If not I'm sure I can get something to go with it.  White goes with everything or a nice creamy color.  My best friend didn't like it, but that is always true, we hardly ever like the same things. 

I called my mom and asked what was for dinner and then asked if I could come over.  Seems like I don't have time to cook this week.  Tonight I am getting ready to go camping on Kelly's property in Gaylord.  I need to grocery shop, pack, etc.  Luckily now that I have my own washer and dryer all my clothes are clean!

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Actual Townhouse Babblings
Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On Monday afternoon I finally closed on my townhouse, actually it took less than 30 days, but that was the longest 30 days in my life! 

Today I notice I am flicked with Kilz.  I already tore down the wallpaper in the kitchen and have started priming it.  I've had a Coca-Cola kitchen all my life and am not sure if I want it right away here.  I'm thinking maybe I can move the Coke stuff to the laundry room and have something more grown up and less corporate branding brainwashing. 

My best friend Kelly came over on Monday and helped me wash the walls and our friend Tracy from Pink Sparklettes came over and helped me wash out the cupboards in the kitchen. 

I mostly want that kitchen scrubbed and painted before I move anything in it.  The appliances are so old they are retro cool now!  I live across from the General Motors World Headquarters (Tech Center) and I noticed my old fridge is made by General Motors and Fridgedare.   Its the kind that doesn't defrost itself, no crisper drawers, very old school!

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I've Got My Closing Date
Friday, August 03, 2007

Monday afternoon I'll be a homeowner.  A fancy, single woman with a swanky townhouse.  Oh I sound fancy!

 The first thing I bought today was cheap toilet paper, I went to the drug store where they have Angel Soft on sale for $.75 for a 4-pack.  I got one for the upstairs bathroom and the downstairs bathroom.  Oh my gosh I will have 1.5 bathrooms all to myself!

The mortgage man told me I'll be getting approximately $100 refund after I close.  Woo Hoo!   I'm going to buy Chinese Food and have my family over for an empty condo dinner!


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Clear to Close
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My loan officer said I'm clear to close and that she will call the realtor to set up the closing date.  I'm almost there!  I'm proud of myself!  

I can't wait to get in and put on fresh coat of paint before I start moving all the boxes I have packed already. 


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More Mortgage Ramblings!
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wow I really am going to be a home owner soon.  Last night I got a package from the mortgage company.   They need a few items to finish up.   My closing date should be next month!

I can't believe I'm actually going through with this! 

Four years ago I left everything including a horrible drunken abusive husband!  I left everything except some clothes and some other things I got out of the house before I left him. 

Now I am so much happier and healthier.  I used to be sick when it came time to go home.  I hated it there and him so much!   Now everyday is like sunshine and laughter! 

If anyone is in an abusive relationship it is so easy to start over.  Its just a little hard at first, but it is so worth it!


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Words from the World of Chrispy
Sunday, July 15, 2007

Let's see, Friday night was my father's 66th birthday.  My mom and Dad along with some of their friends had a little backyard bbq for them.  It was quite nice.  My dad is a great bbq'er!  Too bad he didn' t feel good and hardly ate, but by the next day he was much better.

Saturday I had to go to a memorial service my great-aunt who passed away, we also saw my up-north Grandma.  I feel so bad for her.  She can't hear anymore, doesn't really know why she is in the hosptial or where her stuff is.  But she still manages to laugh and have some fun every day regardless.  Actually right now she is in the hosptial, she also has an apartment in an assisted living facility. 

It was such a long drive and a long way that by the end of the day I was so glad just to be home and by myself. 

I walked around the complex last night where I bought my townhouse.  It was very quiet and nice and relaxing.   Everyone does their front areas so differently, it was good to look at for the all the ideas.  Since I won't be moving for at least a month I'll probably just plant some mums and kale for the fall/winter.  That looks nice all winter. 

Today my mom and I went to the grand opening of a new dollar store.  I got some Cover Girl  mascara, which I needed and was going to buy at Meijer for $4.00.  I saved me $3 - which is always so much fun for me.  I love being frugal now.  It did take awhile, but now it is almost automatic putting stuff back and telling myself I can find it cheaper.


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Townhouse Babbleling!
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I put in an offer on a townhouse and it was accepted.  The townhouse is getting appraised this afternoon.  After that it should only be a matter of a few weeks before I get my closing date. 

I was having a bad case of buyers remorse, but I called my realtor and made him take me back in there.  It is nice, and I got a great deal.  I need to update the painting and wallpaper, but luckily I don't have to do much more than painting and cleaning up the rugs.

Now I need to start organizing my move!  Any advice or ideas?

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Whooo Hoooo, I'm buying a Townhouse!
Friday, June 29, 2007

I put in a really low offer on a townhouse, and I just found out it was accepted.  I'm excited.  I'm really getting a steal.  The asking price was $72,000, and they took my offer of $57,000!

It has 1,053 square feet on two levels.  It has one huge bedroom and bathroom upstairs and the living area with a 1/2 bath is downstairs. 

I've been looking at paint and carpet samples since I found it. 


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Clearance Rack Meat!
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On Sunday I got a load of clearance rack meat, which is great since I was down to one last frozen chicken bought at $.69 per pound.  I have been eating out of my pantry, sometimes that makes for unusual meals, but I now love my invention of Greek Tostadas with feta cheese, olives, onions and refried beans!

I got two packages of marinated chicken breasts for $1.49 each.

Three stuffed beef roundule for $1.32 each.

2 packages stuffed turkey breast for $2.34

Meatloaf mix $2.00

2 Packages of Hamburger $1.37

Pork steaks $1.29

I also went down the Eastern Market in Detroit to buy vegetables, but didn't get anything good there as it was a flower weekend and most of the vendors I go to were not there.  I did get a great scoop of cherries for $.75, they didn't even make it home! 



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I'm Putting in an Offer for a House!
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I found a house that I can afford!  The neighborhood is still pretty good, well taken care.  The house was built in 1944 and hasn't had much done to it since then other than upkeep. 

My rich bosses (in real estate) have given me ideas on how to bid for it (they are all in favor of low balling the offer).  So I am trying their advice. 

I'm getting excited.  It seems everything is lining up for me.  If they don't accept my lowball offer I'll still be on the radar if they don't get a bite all summer long.

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Grrrr! Dealership Prices
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh the warranty on my Kia ran out and something that makes the heat/air-conditioning come out quit working! 

That means it will cost $95 to even look at the thing!  They tried selling me repairs that I might need before they even looked at the car! 

I'm going to take advice I read everywhere, next time I won't buy a brand new car, but I'm going to buy a new used car somewhere.  Hopefully I won't have to for a while. 

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I got 2 1/2 days worth of "Snow Days"
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The database went down at work so I got to leave early yesterday and come in late today. 

Yesterday I went home and took a nap!  I went to my friends house for about an hour then did all my normal Monday after work things.

This morning I started to leave and my boss called and told me to wait until noon.  So I spent all morning at the closest beach to my house.  Metro Beach.  I left and then washed my car and vacummed it out.  What fun on a beautiful Michigan spring day!


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I'm Buying A House
Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm so excited.  I didn't think that I would be able to get a mortgage because of my credit, turns out my credit was way better than I thought and I got a pre-qualified for a mortgage. 

Now is the fun part, finding a house that is within my means in a neighborhood I won't be afraid of - lol!. 

This is so exciting!  I'm going to have a blast looking for houses!

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CVS Extra Value Bucks
Monday, April 30, 2007

This weekend I almost feel a little guilty for using so many Extra Value Buck coupons, but I did go to a different CVS every time, luckily, they are practically on every corner. 

I got Lady Speed Stick deodorent which was on sale for $1.99, but I had three $.75 off coupons and three extra value bucks. 

I got three Dawn dishwashing liquid, on sale for $.99, with a $.20 off coupon for each and an Extra Value Buck for each. 

I had buy one free glade coupon (on sale at CVS for $.99) and another Extra Value Buck and had buy two get one free coupon for V05 shampoo and conditioner that was on sale for $.77 and had the extra value buck coupons for that also. 

It was worth the gas to drive around and save so much!  I also went to other stores and got there loss leader items too.  I have enough soap and toothpaste to last until Christmas - lol - for about $.16 per bar of soap and $.33 for Colgate toothpastes.

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$1.20 Long Underwear Special
Monday, April 23, 2007

This weekend I stopped at a Family Dollar store Up North and I found a bunch of men's long underwear on the clearance rack for $1.20 a pair.  I bought myself a few pairs for next winter, heck no one knows they are mens and I like that little hole to keep my chapstick in. 

I also found a hippie shirt that I am going to put away for a friend's birthday.  She dresses kind of boheminem and I thought it would be cool for her. 

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Mexican Fiesta Buffet
Monday, March 26, 2007

I had a little dinner party on Friday.  I had a Mexican Fiesta Buffet.  I had soft/hard taco shells, tostida shells and all the fixings.  I made a great sangria with cheap wine.  Unfortunately I had a lot of it. 

My most expensive part of the evening was the ground beef for the filling.  I got everything else on sale for $1.00 or less.  I love planning things that work out in my favor.

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I feel bad for my last post
Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I deleted my last post because I feel bad that I'm happy someone awful is having a hard times. 

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Great Savings Weekend
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On Monday I just happened to stop at a Barnes and Nobel Booksellers by my work.  I'm so glad I stopped.  I got a bunch of games marked down to $1.00 each.  One was the Scene It TV DVD game, I got a pack of Uno Cards and two packages of poker chips in a nice case.  For $4.24 I got over $48.00 worth of gifts!  Unfortunately when I went back after work to score more swag, it was all gone.

I also did some great shopping with my Nordstrom's gift card from my bosses at Christmas time.  This time I got a pair of jeans that started out at $78 (I got them for $20.34).  Of course I'll have to have them taylored to fit me better, but still that is better than buying some pairs of jeans.  I also got a camisole top for $2.29 (originally $19.97) I also got a blue sweater to go over the camisole for $11.00 (originally $38) and a skirt for $5.99 (originally $38).  I will have to find a nice black top to go with the skirt.  It was such a deal and fit me so well that I can wait to wear it when I find the right top to go with it.

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Grrrr! Caught a Cold!
Friday, February 16, 2007

TGIF.  Thank Goodness!  I caught a cold.  I met with my Pink Sparklette's group and as usual I caught a cold from one of the members.  The girls seem to gang up their germs on me and every two weeks when we meet I seem to get a little under the weather. 

It is kind of easy to figure it out as I live alone and have limited contact with the guys at work.  A patter has emerged also, since they were Daisy's I would get sick after a meeting.

I took a sudefed and some asprin, I'm drinking cool tea and hot cocoa.  My teeth ache and my throat is so sore.....please day hurry by so I can crawl back up in the quilt that Bobo left me when he went to Florida.  It is so nice and thick and so warm and cozy.  When I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, it stays warm until I come back and I curl up and usually go right back to sleep.

I work in one the wealthiest counties in the country and let me tell you their dollar store out here rocks.  I am able to get such sundries as generic tylenol pm and even Campbells Select Soup in the carton.  I want to go there and see if I can get some nasal spray and some cough drops.  I'd rather feel better on $3.00 than $16 of the name brand stuff.

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Happy Valentines Day
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Even though I am heartbroken still, and am still in my anti-man phase I still like Valentines Day.  I painted hearts on my sliding glass door and kitchen window. 

Today I used a coupon and got breakfast for $1.47.  I am going to go through my entertainment book and find a nice restauarnt for lunch and see if I can can get my free meal to take home - that way I'll have restaurant food twice for this marketing/media frenzy of Valentines Day. 

The real reason for Valentines day is rememberence for a Priest named Valentine who married people even though the Emporor  Claudius II forbid marriage.  He was put in a prison and fell in love with his jailer's daughter and before he was put to death he wrote her a love letter and it was signed from your Valentine. 

Basically I like Valentines Day because the day after I go and buy 1/2 candy!  Tastes just as sweet for 50% to 75% off!


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Clearance Rack Meat
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I buy meat off the clearance rack at a local neighborhood supermarket.  I have never gotten sick, but have saved a lot of money.  The other day I got a package of nice turkey cutlets for $2.99.  The original price was $6.99. 

I made them last night, first I made an egg wash and flour breading and then browned them in a non-stick pan.  I made a box of stove stop stuffing and put the cutlets on top of that and then baked it for a while.  It turned out so good and only cost $3.99 for about four meals for me!

I also added canned vegtables for the five-a-day quotient. 

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Silly Chrispy Ice Skating is for Kids
Monday, February 12, 2007

I tried ice skating yesterday.  I got the skates on and that was an accomplishment in its self. 

I know now I am too old to learn to ice skate, two very safe laps around the rink and I was done for.  I ache in places I didn't even know I jarred around yesterday.

I did have fun with all the girls in my troop.  They all took to skating very quickly. 

See pic of me on skates trying to stand up.


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Check out My Rice-A-Roni Savings
Friday, February 09, 2007

Ohhhhh!  I had a good couponing day yesterday.  I got four boxes of Rice-A-Roni for free, along with a free box of Quaker Barley.  I had a vendor coupon, plus newspaper coupons.  I had 7 items only paid $1.75.

Check out my savings on the photo page!

I'm also glad Family Circle Magazine had a $.75 issue.  That was worth it!  I like reading about recipes and such.  I usually keep them around for a while and re-read them before I give them away (or leave them at the spa).

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Hot Chocolate Mix
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I made a great hot chocolate mix last night to take to work to drink while I'm freezing at my desk.  It was so easy, and very delicious.  I think it is better than Swiss Miss brand, because it is Miss Chris brand!

1/4 cup powdered cocoa

4 cups of instant milk (minus the water so I used 4 1/3 cup)

1/2 cup of sugar

I mixed it together and then put it in a baggie.  When I got to work I added water and some non-dairy creamer.  MMMM, delicious!

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Sledding on the Coldest Day of the Year
Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today I went sledding with my friend's kids.  We went to a hill behind our old high school.   There were more than a few foolish people out there sledding.  Today with the windchill it was below -8 degrees, but that really doesn't stop a true Michigander.  I had on snow pants, two pairs of sweat pants, three pairs of woolen socks, long underwear, blue jeans, two sweatshirts and two cotton knit shirts on.  The only place that got too cold was under my glasses.

My best friend wouldn't go sledding she was afraid of breaking her tailbone.  I did it, and didn't break anything.  It felt good to be outside laughing and having fun when everyone else was inside. 

There were some kids there with a sawhorse on skis, they were having a blast too.  I wanted to ask if I could try it, but the idea of broken legs and pelvis made me stop!

Enjoy the Cold!

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I don't have Adult ADD
Thursday, February 01, 2007

A few posts ago, I thought I might have adult ADD or I was worried about some guy farting next to me in class.  Well yesterday he wasn't in class and I was able to pay attention!  

I don't understand why people sign up for a class and then blow it off.  The class is only 7 weeks long and already half the class is gone. 

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My best friend Kelly and I are planning a road trip.  We are thinking of a destination about four hours away from Detroit.  She needs a vacation away from her husband and I always like to go somewhere new. 

I made a suggestion that we get on the expressway and then start the trip by deciding to go left or right. Then choose left or right (by flipping a coin) and seeing where we end up. 

I have had some ideas. 




(We've been to Chicago and Toronto already). 

Any suggestions on where to go besides UP North (where we usually go)

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Monday, January 29, 2007

I started taking a MSU Extension class on money management.  The teacher was talking about insurance, renters and auto.  Well as I was looking into getting renters insurance I also got quotes on auto. 

I am changing back to AAA.  I will be saving over $1,066 per year on full coverage insurance on my little Kia Rio Cinco.  I was paying $1,200 every six months through AllState and not even getting tripkits, etc.   The insurance also went up since I moved to my new apartment because I was so close to the expressway they started charging me $100 more per month.

The refund I will be getting will go straight towards my new Auto and Renters insurance!!!!

It doesn't take long to check your insurance rates!  See if you can get a better deal too. 

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Free Classes
Thursday, January 25, 2007

I started taking a free MSU Extension class on how to manage your money.  It is pretty interesting.  I think I am much better off than I thought. 

Although I am kind of worried I have adult ADD.  For some reason I am thinking about fifteen other things when I am supposed to be listening.  I swear I thought the teacher was talking like a Charlie Brown teacher during the math parts,  I heard whaa whaa wha, waa, waa, waa.  Also, I think the guy next to me kept letting out silent but deadly farts.  I kept smelling sewer gas and he kept smiling at me. 


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Couponing Coup
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yesteday I had a great couponing day.  I got two bottles of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent for $.34.  They are usually priced $1.78, but were on sale for $.88.  I had a coupon for $1.00 off when you buy two, and I also had a coupon for $.50 off my next visit to CVS.  Well, all together that was $.34.

I love stocking up that way.  I'm saving toiletries coupons and hording all other kinds of coupons and when I watch the ads, I'll put my coupons with the ads and rack up the savings!!!!

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Teaching Girls How to Throw A Party
Thursday, January 18, 2007

I need ideas and advice on how to teach 10 year old girls on how to throw a party.  I can give them information on writing invitations and centerpieces and stuff but where do you think I can find information on why we do it, how to do it, etc. 


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What was I worrying about?
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I had a great weekend after worrying that I wouldn't have anything to do.  Well I found things to do.  There is a famous Detroit Coney Island (American Coney Island) that was closed on Friday for a private party, and my friend and I went and crashed the party.  That was fun.  I think there were Red Wings and Carolina Hurricane's there.   It was a Compuserve Party for after the International Auto Show.

Saturday I went out with friends and partied and that was fun.  On Sunday I let a "gentleman friend" try to break me out of my anti-man phase that Bob-o put me in a long 7 months ago.  So I let him kiss and cuddle on me and that was nice.  It wasn't my Bob-o, but it was alright.

I also went to a Red Hat party with my mother and my best friend Kelly on Saturday.  I had fun, but poor Kelly had to sit next to the lady that wears way too much perfume (I was glad she blocked me a little from her!). 


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Wondering What to Do
Friday, January 12, 2007

I have almost nothing planned for this weekend.  I wonder what I am going to do.  Sometimes I like having nothing to do, but it is so gray and rainy here that I want to go out and do something!

On Saturday I am going as a Pink Hat to a Red Hat Luncheon.  For $10 I get a nice lunch and something to do for a little while.  My mom is a Red Hat and she is bringing my best friend Kelly and myself.   After that Kelly and I are going to work out. 

I found a really cheap fare to Florida, I almost bought it just for the satisfaction of telling the Bob-o off in person, but I thought it over and decided I'd rather save the $86.00.   He wrote me the other day and I wrote back and then he sent me another email that made me cry.  Hmmm, he keeps writing me first!  Jerk Store!  The Jerk Store called and they ran out of him!

Yesterday on a call-in radio show they were asking for callers who were dumped via email or text message or fax, etc.  So I called in and told them about how Bob-o did it to me, on our anniversary of our first date no less.  It kind of made me feel better until the suggested I quit looking at the breakup email and just delete it.  I told them it was like a car wreck and sometimes I just have to look at it. 

Unfortunately they joked around and said I was bitter.  I'm heartbroken, that is a whole lot different than being bitter.  (Ok, so I'm bitter a little bit!).




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