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Blog: My Little Farm in Town

Odds and Ends: Celery Ends and Centers

Monday, November 22, 2010

There was a great sale on celery at the grocery store this week. (Celery is in season right now.) I love to shop for food near the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays because there are so many great deals on beef, ham, and turkey and the different vegetables and canned goods that go into preparing the feasts for these holidays.

One of my pet peeves is waste. It is part of the reason that I junk pick, give stuff away, reuse things, and wear things out.

One sore spot for me is our almost criminal waste of our vegetable resources! I’ve watched people cut off and throw away the ends of celery—the part where the stems branch and above. (Yes, Earth Shaking isn’t it?!) The leaves are the best part for making stock and are also good in a green salad.  (You can actually grow Cutting Celery that you only use to make stock or dry to make celery flavoring!) The branching stems also can be sliced or chopped and used like any other part of the celery.

The center (that tight little cluster of tender leaves and stems) of the celery stalk, another part I have seen people discard, is the most wonderful part of the whole vegetable. Use it as a garnish, in relish trays, chopped and added to salads, or in any other dish requiring celery.

You may think that I’m crazed for ranting about celery ends and what to do with them, but if I won’t, who will?  We all pay too much for food to throw it away. Begonia

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Stalk of Celery "Fresh" from the Store


Off With the Ends!


Trimmed and Saved Ends and Centers


The Total Waste from One Stalk of Celery


It's not truly waste at our house because I compost all my vegetable scraps. They either go to the worms, the chickens, or the compost heap!

Rivel Soup (aka Lump Supreme)


The broth for this soup was flavored with celery ends!

Celery Center as Part of Relish Dish



Wednesday, December 01, 2010 | By amseibel

Celery freezes great too - especially if you plan to use it in soups or other cooked items. Just chop it and freeze on a cookie sheet. Put in zip-top bags and use as needed. I do this with any extra produce rather than letting it go bad. Peppers and onions are my favorites.

Thanks for the Tip!
Wednesday, December 01, 2010 | By begonia

I was talking to one of my sisters after Thanksgiving dinner, and she told me that she keeps one plastic bag in her freezer for just that purpose--fine minds think alike! She throws trimmed celery tops, extra chopped onions, etc. into the bag, and when it is full she knows that it is time to make stock. (I've also heard of this method used for accumulating enough vegetables for a stir fry.)

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