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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

Who makes their own bread from Stratch?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Does anyone make their own bread anymore? I'm talking really make it? No bread machine bread, just real old fashoined Bread you knead by hand? i have and have been reaping the rewards ever since! nothing beats the taste or smell of real old-fashoined bread from stratch! I do use my stand mixer to mix the ingredients, and nead it, but i have to let it rise, punch it down, and let it rise in the pans before i bake it. We are trying so hard to save money...WE JUST BOUGHT HUBBY A NEW CAR! (USED)YESTURDAY! SO WE HAVE EVEN MORE DEBT AND ARE ALSO SAVING TO GET A HOUSE! Any recipes would be great, or secrets on your sucess and we can share and learn to enjoy the old ways again!

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Light Wheat Bread.
Monday, March 02, 2009 | By Newby

Hello,I Make my own Bread From scratch.It takes 3 -4 hours start to finish.As you know the majority of the time is rising..I also use unbleached flour ..I use 5 pounds of unbleaches flour three fourths white and a quarter wheat..Make a weill in a bowl with the flour...Add tea spoon of salt one third cup of sugar.2 eggs lightly beaten,3-4 cups of very warm (not too hot) tap water.Add 1 oz of yeast cake..Then mix part of the flour in the well until it looks like pancake batter...then cover for 30 minutes.When you return it will be really foamy mix the rest in ..Let rise for an hour..Punch down and roll out..make a tight roll tuck the ends under the loaf.And bake...Now I use this same thing to make cinnamon raisin bread when you roll out the dough spread butter cinnimon and awsome.makes 3 - 4 loafs.

Baking Bread
Wednesday, March 04, 2009 | By sunnyjAZ

Hi! I bake bread from scratch too! It's so easy & tastes better than store bought bread. About debt - awhile ago we bought a book by Dave Ramsey about paying off debt & using only cash. It was a great book & using only cash has made a huge difference. When we used credit cards, debit cards & checks we spent alot more. Every 2 weeks I take out enough cash for the next two weeks. I have dividers in my wallet that are labeled: groceries, gas, pets, entertainment,.. etc & the money is divided into those categories and that's all I have to spend. It works great. Good luck!

Paying off Debt
Wednesday, March 04, 2009 | By leftthesanebehind

We are on a plan that allows us to have spending money weekly and still have money to save for a house. I have started my frugal crusade, for one purpose, to allow us to be in house before my husband turns 37, we are not there yet, but he is not 37 yet, (next year, so we have some time. Anyways thanks for the replies, keep posting, love to share secrets. Have to Go, am making the Laundry soap, can't let the water boil or it will boil over....God bless

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