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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

A frugal woman's dream to own a home while the prices of everything rise!

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Husband's Injury
Thursday, March 03, 2011

For a few years my husband has suffered from a torn shoulder ligement, causing partial paralyzes to his left arm. There are times when he can't even pick up a glass of water, toothbrush or drive. Since the waiting list for his surgery to partially repair the tear is so long, we have had to deal with the effects of this damage for many years.

He has made a Doc's appt. and we are in the process of filing for disability (partial) I fear they will cut his job every time he calls in a says he can't come in. Scared to be a wife, not sure how to say when he is hurting, we need his income or we loose everything! If they cut his job we have hardly any income, never mind going anywhere for a trip, just trying to survive! the possibility of selling our 4x4 has run through my mind and becoming a one vehicle family.

My family not supportive at all, thinks just because we own a house we should fix it up, paint, do Reno. I can hardly go three days without worrying about lost of wages. Scared to death! pray for us please

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Kidney infection
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yikes this hurts. Got the smyptoms about 6 days ago but thought nothing of it, my period was way late so i thought i was preggo. Turns out i'm not, but had seen a Doc yesturday and he said it was a virus and gave me Tylenol 3's and they are not helping. So i  went to see another doc today and after he did a feeling of my stomach (ouch)  and a urine test he found the blessed infection, so i'm on the mend now, with a note to stay home from work! (but they pay me) So please pray for a speedy recovery!

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