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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

A frugal woman's dream to own a home while the prices of everything rise!

Showing 4 posts from February 2011 for this blog.
Friday, February 18, 2011

i scored a coupon recently for a buy on get one free candle form Glade! i was at the checkout and the first candle rang in at a whopping $6.30 the cashier looked at me and said these things are small but man are they expensive! I I looked at her and said $3.40 is not expensive and she then informed me that the candle had not been listed at the price i had told her .She then called a fellow staff member over and did a price check, and because i was right on the $3.40 and the till price was wrong, i scored both of them for FREE!..Check your stores policy for free merchandise if the till price is not what the shelf price is!, could catch you by surprise! Until next time take care!

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Savings for a rainy day
Sunday, February 06, 2011

In December of 2010, Our family started a savings plan of $500/month we decided on every week for a withdrawal from out main acct to a savings acct we already had. Thinking this would be so easy we set aside this much every month and  now are looking at $1000.00 in out saving, but it hasn't been that easy as i previously thought, out main account has stayed almost empty and our savings have grown, we have had to cut back on purchases like groceries and fun items like movies. ect! But oh the smile on our families face when we hit out targeted goal of $5000! Target date estimated November 2011 keeping my fingers crossed!

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$80.00 week grocery budget
Saturday, February 05, 2011

Who is with me on this one. lets try and cut our grocery budget's in half this month and see what we can live on for less!, use up all of the ingredients you in your cupboards and keep the list to a bare minimum . Only restocking the bare necessities  EG: milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, add a comment if you are with me on the adventure, and of course if you have any questions! week one starts Monday!

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Once a month cooking
Wednesday, February 02, 2011

this summer i am taking off from work ( i work at a school) and was planning on starting to cut back, save and otherwise prepare for the two months when i will not be getting paid. I have ran the idea by my DH about OAMC and he thought it was a great idea!. i have a garden and planned it very carefully, hoping for a better growing season than last year( all the rain caused rotten potatoes) And need a few ideas and recipes that others have tried for this OAMC. I plan to shop in early June or may, and start filling the freezer, hence cutting out the grocery bill( or most of it) for July and august. I make awesome Lasagna already, killer stew and some very yummy chicken. Love recipes for OAMC and side dishes to. Just bought a used vacuum sealer and plan on utilizing that as well thanks!

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