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Blog: chrystal's fight to own a home!

A frugal woman's dream to own a home while the prices of everything rise!

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Living within our means and saving!
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello every one, i know i haven't posted anything in a very long time! I have a another new job, working two now. This summer was not a very good one, (and it followed us) and had alot of financial struggles, and with Christmas so close we looked at the check books and started to panic!..Hubby has been on disability for a few months and that has left our bank accounts with almost no money to pay our basic bills! SO..i trudged off like the good wife i am (lolz) and found more work. We have managed to save over $4000 this year, but it was not easy,each time we had to make a car payment we had to transfer out of our savings to cover it!.. Am i crazy leaving our saving alone or should i be spending them????? bills are late and food is getting scarce..i do not get paid for another 3 wks Help!

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Cutting up Credit Cards..finally
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few months ago, I asked my Dh why do we have these? i meant our two CC's he simply looked at me and said i don't know dear , they are in your name and i can't use them?! How fair is this i thought, i have 2 CC's and he has cash!! and every time he buys something for him self i get upset at him and in all reality i have a balance owing on my CC's every month for frivolous purchases i hide from him. I decided this was enough! and made him cut them up right in front of me. Does honesty run deep after 5 yrs of marriage? I'm not sure but i will say this , debt drags families farther apart and yet we hide things from each other each and everyday willingly. I hope to have our balances paid off very soon and get rid of the dishonest heart i have been holding on to. God bless

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Emergency savings 6-8 months
Wednesday, March 09, 2011

We have been hearing a lot lately about having a cushion, an emergency saving's fund. Have you thought about this? supposedly to be safe in ones own home you should ideally have at least 6-8 months of bill money/survival money stocked away. For us this would mean that if we were to do this it would require us to have 9-10k saved for a real emergency, this being medical, job loss ect. this does not mean saving for a vacation (just cause you want one) Hard work! It will take us, mind you no bumps in the road should come along at $500/month for 15 months. It is almost scary! that means no extra's no emergencies. like sick days with no pay . No extravagant presents, and most of all no more CC debt! 

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Feeling the pinch
Saturday, March 05, 2011

This morning at breakfast my DH informed me the price of gas was about to rise again. this time for good. And get ready because the price of food would increase as well. I was alarmed but thought ok, this is going to be later not sooner. Yikes we went for groceries today and already everything we boutght last week, has increased in price by at least 5-10%, hardly a staple in the cart, and hardly a meal to make with anything and we spent $95.00 guess starving is the new skinny!. Milk is up from $3.99/litre to $5.69/litre! in one week! meat..yikes i won't even go there! A pinch i would not say a pinch but a sunburn ! Hold on to your checkbooks people this one's gonna hurt like hell!

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Savings for a rainy day
Sunday, February 06, 2011

In December of 2010, Our family started a savings plan of $500/month we decided on every week for a withdrawal from out main acct to a savings acct we already had. Thinking this would be so easy we set aside this much every month and  now are looking at $1000.00 in out saving, but it hasn't been that easy as i previously thought, out main account has stayed almost empty and our savings have grown, we have had to cut back on purchases like groceries and fun items like movies. ect! But oh the smile on our families face when we hit out targeted goal of $5000! Target date estimated November 2011 keeping my fingers crossed!

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$80.00 week grocery budget
Saturday, February 05, 2011

Who is with me on this one. lets try and cut our grocery budget's in half this month and see what we can live on for less!, use up all of the ingredients you in your cupboards and keep the list to a bare minimum . Only restocking the bare necessities  EG: milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, add a comment if you are with me on the adventure, and of course if you have any questions! week one starts Monday!

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Save that loose change!
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recently my husband came up to me and said gee dear, i found all this loose change hiding in the closet in a jar downstairs!..He had taken out the loonies and toonies to go to the store..! So this morning after my coffee i thought, i wonder how much loose change is floating around that i could roll?!Well as it turns out after fives minutes i had rolled $20 in just dimes alone !!! imagine you come home from the store, dump your left over change from a recent purchase in a empty jar and on a weekend morning wake up and realize hey i had $20 i never thought i had! I'm not even close to being done yet i have a full canning jar (large size) full of pennies and another one full of mixed coin just waiting to be added up!..So ladies and gents grab a coffee and your loose change and lets all see what $$ we can roll up toady!, Good luck and have fun!

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consiladtion loan
Thursday, November 25, 2010

For the past two years we have been making 2 separate payments on two separate vehicles, the interest rate for the two came to an alarming 18% !!! Ouch!!!!! so we went to the bank today and toke matter in our own hands and got the two made into one, now the interest rate is sitting at 7% for the two. happy to get that taken care of and now we won't have payments for the next 6 yrs. more like 4! if you are in debt deep with vehicle loans and feel trapped, got talk to you bank and see about a Consolidation loan, you could be on your way to saving big money!! Take care of your money today so it can pamper you tomorrow!

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