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Blog: Chrispy's Cheapskate Tips

A variety of tips and information on my single frugal life. How I have fun for little or no money! My elegant ways to be cheap!

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Lovin' Home Ownership
Monday, August 20, 2007

Well I love the townhouse.  Everytime I walk in the door it is beginning to feel a lot more like a home.  I slept great last night there, it was cold and rainy and great for sleeping!

I got the kitchen painted and repainted and repainted again after I tore off the painters tape.  I spent $25 on canned goods yesterday to start re-supplying my pantry.  Its nice to have a great big closet to have as a pantry. 

I still have the storage closet and some other stuff to move into it though.  Its been raining all weekend so I haven't moved much into it. 

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Happy New Year
Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!  I had a great little Christmas break.  I got to spend money on myself with that gift card from Nordstroms.  I got a bunch of clothes and still have 1/2 the amount left over.  I also got great deals by digging through the clearance rack.  My bosses have noticed every day complimenting me on my "fancy new outfits". 

I got two sweaters, two blazers, two pairs of black pants, one golden silky blouse, two white dress shirts, one fleece jacket, a braclet and a sleeveless silky black shirt that I can wear a number of ways. 

I also got contacts (after not having them for about ten years).  I also cut and dyed my hair.  I started working out again.  I lost a lot of weight a few years ago (which I also gained back).  I'm going back to my routine of working out in the morning.  I'm going to look great for my 40th Birthday. 

Work is going good.  I kissed a man last week, so I'm not dead inside as much anymore from being dumped by the Bob-o.  It was kind of nice, I think I'll go back for some more sometime - LOL!


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New Things
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I moved in officially this weekend.  I saved money and splurged and spent $50 and got a new comforter (bed in bag) set and new shower curtain and bathroom rug and few little niceities like room spray, etc. 

I bought some plants and a huge potted palm (low light required)!  When my best friend walked in she was shocked and totally sat down and said how comfortable and cute everything was!  That made my day!

I haven't shopped in so long, it felt weird to part with the $50!  Everything is up and looks so nice I wish I had another $50 for other things to spruce it up!  Either way, I'm happy it looks so nice.

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New Apartment
Friday, October 13, 2006

This weekend I am signing a lease on a new apartment.  The rent will be the same as my old place, but much more room.  I was playing a lot for a little flat in Royal Oak, Michigan, but am now moving to the next county over where gas is cheaper.  My friends mostly live on this side of town too. 

I'm looking forward to packing up and moving in the next two weeks.  This is the first time since I left my beast (ex-husband) that I will actually have a kitchen to myself with some cupboards for storage.  Woo Hoo, I'm so excited. 

Next time I move though, it will be into a house I am buying on my own.

If you have any packing and moving tips, let me know.




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Warren, MI United States of America
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I am a wonderful 39 year old divorced woman with no children. I enjoy all kinds of activities, from camping and cooking and gardening to shooting guns and bows and arrows and horseback riding.

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