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Christian, Wiccans, and Halloween

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

There is no difference between the two religions that both honor nature and a God of sorts. I, however don't ever celebrate it. Why because my birth day is three days before the holiday. I get really affended when a support group celebrates birthdays of the month of October. Mine is celebrated only if my brother who 9 years younger than me celebrates his birthday first. His is two weeks before mine. They insist I celebrate it in the support group on Halloween. I am a Christian with a real low sense of self-esteem this being a touchy subject with me. I always have an anger outburst usually this gets me kicked out as no one really cares about me there and the members never wanted me their in the beginning even told me so too behind the leaders backs and staff members. Last year I was passed up again on my birthday. Never mind that I don't celebrate it without my brother celebrating his on my birthday. I have decided from now on I will go it alone birthday and all with my children that I am getting from the state. I will insist they celebrate Halloween however they want too. I am not that cruel Not like Cindy Z, Susan, and Tina at that group I was kicked out of for my last year outburst over my birthday when it was Susan's they were celebrating on my birthday day as I already had to put up with my family's version of celebrating my birthday not really though as it was more for my brother. I have been called bitch over that and a meanie for insisting they celebrate my birthday on group day. So from now on I celebrate it with my own birthday with a birthday cake for me and me sharing like my grandparents taught me too. My children that I will get are all the gifts I need to get for me to be happy. I will forget Cindy Z, Susan, and Tina meanness to me and inconsideration of my feelings and beliefs. I see Halloween as a devils holiday and always have in the past too.

 Wiccans see it as a celebration too just like everyone else in the world except me. Their beliefs are different, but the same as Christians. My friend is a Wiccan and she says the only difference is that there are several different sections of Wiccan practices and only one of Christians. I tell her that we are all the same in Gods eyes yes even in both religions.

For Halloween at my church they have asked me to help make it special for the little kids, so I will help make decorations of paper chains  and paper wall decorations and such. This way I can let the children know I care about their celebration of Halloween. Some of them think I am weird that I don't personally celebrate it due to my religious beliefs. They ask why and I tell them truly my religion belief system doesn't allow me too. Wiccan sounds like a good religion to me too. I may just convert to it, if my support groups and family don't change the way they treat me every end of October. I feel like the afflicted one in the bible I have read since I learned to read it. I feel this way daily. Well I will tell all to have a happy Halloween and shopping at the last minute for candy usually gets a lower price at Wa-Mart, K-Mart, and Target, or a store like these stores I mention. Use the dollar store as they have candy galore for a dollar for two sometimes or a dollar a piece or .88 cents  a piece. The kids will love you for it. Get your decorations at the dollar store too with construction paper and glue and scissors for a dollar each who can go wrong with those prices. well have a good day.




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I live in Minnesota, and I am a published author of poetry On-line. I have a hubby, and several children. I shop with coupons, and I willingly take several classes On-line thru AZU. I have several degrees, and diplomas. I am a crafting person, and I live for Octoberfest not for the beer, but the food is great too. I am mix mutt of heritages. I love to shop at thrift stores, and garage sales/yard sales. I live a green lifestyle or try too.

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