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Recycled Cat Food Bag Scrapbook Punch Organizer

Monday, January 18, 2010

Today I used the Duraweave Bag from the Purina Cat Chow to make a recycled organizer.  I love reusing things!  The tools I needed was a bag or two, plastic placemats or cardboard, a small child's clothing hanger, sewing machine and thread.  I also had to hand sew a small piece with a large plastic canvas needle, as my sewing machine did not like sewing through so many layers and threw a hissy!  I used the plastic placemats in the back of the bag to insert into large pockets I had made.  This was to add some stability to the bag, and so it would'nt bow inward from the weight of the punches.  I did make a few of my pockets on the small side, so I had to just slip a couple of my punches over the edge of the pocket, but it worked.  So I am happy. 

Here is a pic:



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