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Recycled Cardboard Box Paper storage or Craft and Sewing Storage or Scrapbook Storage
Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have had trouble figuring out how to store my paper.  A friend cut out a storage container for her paper using shipping boxes and boxes from kitty litter etc...   While searching the internet, I came across a blog where someone had step-by-step instructions for making a fabric covered box.  Instead of hot glue, I mixed some Elmer's glue with a little water and painted the box with it and attached the fabric.  After drying, it was ready to use.  I changed the covering on the last ones I made; I covered them with used calendars from the previous year.  Great way to recylce and saves my fabric for other projects.  I used ModPodge to attach the calendar paper, but I assume glue would work also.  One word of caution; thin calendar pages do not work well; needs to be a little thicker, or it will wrinkle and pooch out in spots.   Here is a link to the blog this kind person posted on the web.  I am so appreciative to her for posting this.

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Plastic Shelving Unit for Scrapbooking
Saturday, January 16, 2010

Needing more storage for scrapbooking paper and supplies?  After drooling over the pretty scrapbooking rooms some people shared on the internet, I looked for a solution for housing all of my craft, scrapbooking and sewing supplies.  I came across a $23.00 plastic shelving unit at the department store (like the kind people use in their garage or for food storage in a pantry.)  It worked perfect.  The only tool I required to put it together was a rubber mallet.  The shelves even had room for my sewing machine on the bottom shelf.  Although, not as fancy as built-ins, wooden bookcases or custom purchased products; it is very nice and clean, functional, and gives me lots of storage.
I am still in the process of covering the cardboard box paper holders with old calendars, fabric etc..


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