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Removing polyurethane spots from a painted wall...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Made a wonderful discovery today.  While searching the internet to find out how to remove orange polyurethane spots from my kitchen wall, I came across a post about removing polyurethane from a tub.  I wondered if their tip for the tub would work on a wall, and it my case, it did!  First of all, my walls are painted in semi-gloss paint, so that might make a difference on whether or not it will work.  They advised to use a razor scraper to gently scrape the polyurethane off the tub, so I tried it on my wall.  It worked!!!  I have been looking at those awful spots for probably a year, and finally decided to try to remove them again.  I tried Mr. Clean sponge, scrubbing cleansers. Goo Gone, finger polish remover, and a slew of stuff, so I was delighted this worked.   I was gentle and scraped with the edge of the blade.  Hope this helps someone else!  :)


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